Planetary Diversity

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Authors: Lex Peregrine, ExNihil, Gatekeeper, marky612
Last revision: 17 Dec at 06:40 UTC


Stellaris: 2.2.* – Mod Version: 1.5.2


This mod adds 26 new planet types to the game.
– 16 regular worlds some with events
– 4 Gaia style planets with events
– 3 Rare worlds
– 2 exotic life type planets
– 1 non-colonizable planet

The mod uses events to change the existing planets when a game starts. Example: All the regular dry planets will reroll as the extended PD dry planets. The mod does add the rare/special planets as initializers, so they will add to galactic planet count but they are set to be scaled to the size of your galaxy. On a tiny map there will be 0-3 and on an extra large map, there will be around 36 extra planets.

Regular Worlds

1. Continental – Vanilla Artwork
2. Tropical – Vanilla Artwork
3. Ocean – Vanilla Artwork
4. Cascadian – Custom Artwork
5. Atoll – Custom Artwork
6. Crag
7. Mangrove – Custom Artwork
8. Tepui (High Altitude Jungle) – Custom Artwork
9. Bioluminescence Jungle – Custom Artwork

1. Desert – Vanilla Artwork
2. Arid – Vanilla Artwork
3. Savannah – Vanilla Artwork
4. Steppe – Custom Artwork
5. Dune – Custom Artwork
6. Oasis – Custom Artwork
7. Mesa – Custom Artwork

1. Arctic – Vanilla Artwork
2. Tundra – Vanilla Artwork
3. Alpine – Vanilla Artwork
4. Bog
5. Frigid (Frozen Desert)
6. Glacial – Custom Artwork
7. Atacama (High Altitude Desert) – Custom Artwork
8. Boreal – Custom Artwork
9. Mycelium – Custom Artwork

Rare Worlds

You can start on these worlds, they have a slight bonus and they spawn in the galaxy randomly. They don’t get ideal neighbour classes, but they do get nearby planets that thematically appropriate for them.
1. Geothermal World – A icy world with high levels of geothermal acitivity that create lush jungle pockets.
2. Superhabitable World – A super earth that is larger than most habitable planets, aside from the high gravity it is a perfect place for life to flourish.
3. Tidally Locked World – A planet which is tidally locked around its star, one side always faces the sun while the other is trapped in eternal darkness.

Unique Worlds

5 new types of Unique Worlds. Most of them have their own event chain and are basically planet Leviathans. They all have the same 10% resource bonus like Gaia Worlds and each one an extra bonus that matches the story. You can start on these worlds with Civics, and they have special bonus districts.
1. Floating World – Energy/Physics – A planet with islands that float in the sky.
2. Crystal World – Food/Unity – A planet with large building sized crystal pillars. What causes such mysterious powers of the crystals?
3. Tinyanki Graveyard World – Energy/Minerals – The final resting place of the Tinyanki when they are done their cosmic journey. They bring minerals and energy from all over the galaxy to this rich world.
4. Archive World – Physics/Society/Engineering – A long-abandoned artificial world covered in supercomputers, what information is stored there?
5. Techno-Organic World – Engineering/Physics – A grassy world with a planet-wide irrigation system, who made it and where are they now?

Exotic Worlds

The two exotic life planets start are rare planets and can be chosen at the game start of the game. They can be terraformed later in the game.
1. Ammonia – Black oceans, dark green vegetation.
2. Methane – Brown/orange and hazy (based on pictures of Titan).

Planets with Terraforming Candidate

1.Hothouse World – This is a un-colonizable planet that can have an anomaly that will make it a terraforming candidate.

f) This rewrites the Sol System to have a terraform-able hothouse venus. No other changes.

Planetary Diversity Overwrites:

Want to see every planet have its own custom art? Please consider contributing a dollar or two to help add more professional artwork for the Mod. Every cent donated will go towards paying the artist. Thank you for enjoying the mod!
Check out the Artist – Facebook [] Deviant Art []

Special thanks:
Don Artemio – for Russian translation.
Draco Lander – for Polish translation.
Joky – for French translation.
duffymcdave – for German translation.
Aranha Maluco – for Portuguese translation.
Alguerath – for Spanish translation.
Shota3245 – for Japanese translation.
Dwaine – for a fix for Tidally Locked & Ecumenopolis World planet artwork.
ExNihil + Lex Peregrine – for most of the amazing code for the spawning engine.

Thank you for enjoying it and please rate it if you have a second.

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