Everything Spawns for Vanilla

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Author: That One Communist Fellow
Last revision: 15 Dec at 02:36 UTC


A mostly-all-in-one mod for things that spawn!

Adds These Things

Prethoryn Scourge, Extradimensional Invaders, and The Contingency all allowed to occur
There will always be a War in Heaven
Sol will spawn in one way or another
Nomads will always show up in the galaxy
Marauder mid-game crisis is almost certainly going to happen
All precursors can be found
Every Guardian spawns
Every unique system spawns (Trappist, Sanctuary, Hostiles, Megastructures, etc.)

Does NOT Add

Horizon Signal event chain chance (For those who don’t want it)
Remove bottleneck system and empire cluster restrictions for systems


I do not guarentee compatibility for any mods that mess with:
Events fallen_empires_awakening.1 OR fallen_empire_awakening_events.txt
Events game_start.1, game_start.5 OR game_start.txt
Events precursor.1, precursor.500, precursor.1000, precursor.1500, precursor.2000, OR precursor_events.txt
Among others…

Just some final notes: If certain things do not spawn, then it might just be because there wasn’t enough available stars. I have checked on a Tiny galaxy with max empires and there was no crystal hive.

Only Precursors
Only Crises