Jagdtiger’s Synth Names

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Author: jagdtiger
Last revision: 28 May at 17:46 2016 UTC


A name list following the id conventions of Fallout 4 synths. So basically you get people named stuff like N7-31.

Ideal for playing a synth empire, e.g., with the Playable Robots mod. Maybe starting from a Tomb planet, for Fallout theme.

Ship and planet names follow a slightly different format, so it doesn’t get TOO confusing. And in both cases the first letter is different based on the ship or planet type, so you can easily recognize in the list which colony is on what kind of planet.

There are literally hundreds of such randomly generated names for each category, so you should see no repetition even if you hire every leader in sight.

Armies were renamed too, for a Fallout theme, with the weakest armies (the planet defense garrisons) being called a Gen-1 division, assault ones being Gen-2 divisions, all the way up to whole Courser divisions and FEV-enhanced troops. It’s just a cosmetic rename, though, for flavour.

So how did it come to this? Well, you’re free to make up your own story of how the Synths escaped or took over the Institute, and how they came to rule the planet. Maybe they went xenophobic and killed all humans. Maybe the Children Of Atom finally caused a radioactive extinction. Maybe the humans got to just transfer their brains into newly minted synths, so there’s no more reason for mutual discrimination. Etc.

Just make up something that fits your traits and play style, really. There are thousands of possibilities.