Synth Collective

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Author: jagdtiger
Last revision: 19 Oct at 16:10 2017 UTC


Lets you play as an empire of sentient, autonomous, free-willed Synth individuals, with the traits you choose. Kinda like the Gen 3 synths in Fallout. Basicaly a pre-ascended empire.

Also, optionally assimilate other species, like the Borg do. Assimilation speed scales with number of pops, unlike Paradox’s fixed 1 to 4 a year.

Let me emphasize that: These are NOT a replacement for Paradox’s Gestalt Consciousness / Hive Mind robots from the DLC, but robotic individuals. They can be happy or unhappy. They have an ethos. They can and WILL join factions. They get the normal events like space piracy or cultists or whatnot.

Basically, quoth Glory from Falllout 4: "I’m as real a girl as you’ll ever meet. The only difference is I bet your assembly instruction were a hell of a lot more fun."

Also, unlike Pardox’s machine empires, these guys CAN coexist with the meatbags, if you want to run a multicultural empire. Basically you don’t HAVE to kill all humans. It’s just a fun hobby 😉


– allows using the robot class and portraits for your population, in which case you get to use the machine traits

– or pick a biological portrait for your synth empire, in which case you get to pick from the biological traits

– as of 1.8, you CAN change your starting traits, but keep the "Robotic Immortality" trait, as it is the trigger for the mod’s scripts.

– New synths will keep your portrait, traits and species name

– can coexist with organics, IF you want to run a multi-cultural empire (though they might still think you’re a soulless machine, and the spirituals… well, they’ll still dislike that you even exist.)

– if you choose to assimilate aliens (via the citizenship type Assimilation in the Species window), the assimilation speed scales with the number of pops.

– at the game start you will automatically be given the techs to make more synths, and your country is set to have full AI rights, allowed AI pops, and the AI accord. So basically your robots can’t rebel when the AI crisis rolls over the galaxy.

– starting farms convert to power plant at startup

– any food tiles on home planet convert to energy tiles at startup

– your synths only need 24 months to build, instead of the vanilla 30.

– any other synths you may get from other sources, such as conquered planets or auto-build mods will be automatically scheduled for an upgrade to your species. This includes matching your name and appearance, if you changed yours from standard robot.

– included Fallout 4 style synth name list

– a custom solar system initializer for your robots (or anyone else you wish) to start on. The systems don’t have much food, but they do have plenty of energy and minerals.

– three pre-scripted synth empires. You can just play one of them as it is, or you can edit them when setting up a game. Or create your own from scratch.

– the pre-scripted empires start by default on a "tomb planet" (aka, nuked planet,) in case you want to play a Fallout sequel, but you can always edit that at game start. (And probably should unless you want to annoy a certain fallen empire.)

– synth leaders (even from non-synth and/or non-player empires) get regular tune-ups, so effectively they don’t age

– fixes Paradox’s bug, where synths get -10 happiness for being automatically forbidden to reproduce


– pick a portrait from the "Synthetic Beings" category, if you want machine traits and being able to assimilate, or from any biological category, if you want the biological traits and don’t want to assimilate

– pick the "Robotic Immortality" trait for your people (mandatory; it’s what triggers the setup script)

That’s it. Choose the rest of the stuff as you wish, and you’re good to go.


1. Please refrain from trying to over-ascend so to speak. You’re more robotically pre-ascended right from the start than Utopia lets you get. Trying to ascend your synths to… err… synths won’t stack any bonuses. Quite the contrary.

Going cyborg with your synths, will turn them into cyborgs, which is a step back. And even if you finish going back to synth — never mind that, quoth Daffy Duck, "Was this trip really necessary?" — it will still be a downgrade from the synths you start with.

3. Your synth scientists will still come up with research alternatives like hydroponic farms (synths don’t eat food,) colony habitats (synths have +200% habitability) or increased leader lifespan (synths are immortal,) much as they’re 100% useless for synths. That’s not from this mod, it’s all Paradox. But they may help your organic populations, if you choose to coexist with them, so it’s not all bad.

4. The game will still generate leader traits purely randomly, even if the trait makes no sense for synths. E.g., you’ll still get "resilient" leaders in your pool, even though synths are immortal anyway. E.g., you’ll still get agrarian governors, even though synths don’t need any food.

I tried to keep your starting leaders sane, by removing useless traits and replacing them with something more useful But after enough years, you’ll see agriculture specialists in your governor pool and whatnot again. I don’t remove those after start, since, well, you might get biological pops later, which benefit from those. (Or not, if you choose to kill all humans or assimilate them.)

Which is more than offset by…

5. ALL synth leaders get a pretty hefty "synth" trait, which makes them significantly better at whatever their job is. So scientists research faster, admirals fight better, etc. If it makes the game too easy in the beginning (later other empires get such traits via ascension), and if that bothers you, well, I guess you can always just set the game difficulty higher to compensate. Or go annoy some fallen empire, I guess.

6. The supplied Fallout system initializer is maybe slightly too rich. I reduced it to be less over the top, but it’s still on the rich side. If that’s a problem, you can always hit the "Edit" button at empire selection, and pick another initializer (e.g., "Random" or "Sol") for your home system.