KUROGANE 2.X ships and stations

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Author: COLA
Last revision: 7 Dec at 07:58 2018 UTC


         Modeling and textures by Grafxbox[www.grafxbox.com]

             Add new choice to ship appearance.

  This MOD is not compatible with achievement.This MOD is compatible with ironman.

        High resolution textures,Use 2 to 4 times resolution of vanilla.

        Fix Compatible MOD ship’s turret locator (fix weapon position)

     12/07/18 Update to stellaris2.2

     02/25/18 Update to stellaris2.0 and DLC Apocalypse

     01/11/18 Fix turret locator(all vanilla ships,and a little of the NSC’s ships)

          (-NSC2 Season 2 – Episode 1 – Mod Version 2.1.x-)
               is supported  内部対応済

      Improved Space Battles [Balance] or ISBS: Doomsday Weapons & Ships
               is supported  内部対応済

 Space Combat Expanded – Carrier Class and Space Combat Expanded – Dreadnought Class
           Space Combat Expanded – Mass Effect Classes
               is supported  内部対応済

                   EAC: At War
               is supported  内部対応済

     Downscaled Ships patch is here Downscaled Shipsのパッチはこちらです
             KUROGANE – Downscaled Ships patch

       Realistic Ships patch is here Realistic Shipsのパッチはこちらです
                KUROGANE – RS patch

     Patch MOD to add color type is here 船体色の追加パッチMODはこちらです

               KUROGANE -ADD color type-

This patch can be replaced even in the middle of the game with the low resolution version.
If the game load becomes high, replacing it with a low resolution version will improve the load.

    If the total size of MOD you are using is very large, it crashes on the first loading screen.
           In that case please use this LOW resolution version.

             KUROGANE 2.1 ships and stations(low)

              KUROGANE for Legacy version 1.9