Expanded Hive Minds

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Author: LeSingeAffame
Last revision: 27 Apr at 18:15 2018 UTC


The Mind is immortal, but the Hive is eternal.

Hive Minds are a really cool idea, and I love playing as them.
However, I feel they lack some content, especially compared to Machine Empire.

The goal of this mod is to ensure that the superior Organics will always have at least as much content as the filthy robotic Empires.

New mechanics:
Symbiosis: Two species having merged into one millions of years ago. Their potential has yet to be unleashed…
Hive World: When most species adapt to their environment, this Hive Mind changed the environment to suit itself. This led to the Hive having a very powerful homeworld, but it lost the ability to live on other places…
Perpetual Evolution: Adaptation and evolution are not wanted, they are necessary. And this Hive Mind will take every chance it has to acquire new powerful adaptations.

New content:
Technology localisation: Synthetic Dawn brought new technologies and new localisation for already existing one, but only a small fragment was also changed for Hive-Mind. So I updated quite a lot of them to be more fitting to Hive-Minds. Don’t worry fellow Individuals Organics or disguting Machines, your localisation has not been taken away.
New civics: Cerebrates, Living Space, Self-Consumption, and some more.
New edicts: Overgrowing the research drones, letting your Hive experience an explosive growth in one of your worlds, and some more.

New empires:
Mishar Great Hunters: Symbiotic Devouring Swarm
The Grez Swarm: A Perpetually Evolving Devouring Swarm

Expanded Hive Minds – Submod: This mod does its best to be as compatible as possible with the vanilla game, and as such does not change any vanilla file. However, this severly limits what I can do, and as such I created a submod, adding new content which needs the rewriting of some vanilla files.
Expanded Hive Minds – Buildings: Due to several requests, the buildings have been moved to another mod, so having a buildings related mod won’t completely prevent players from having most of the new content.

List of other recommanded mods, for additional Hive-Mind content:
Abathur Advisor Voice: Self-explanatory, for those who want a more Zerg/Starcraft vibe, this mod is for you!
Arthopods+: For those who wish to recreate an ant or bee hive, with its own city set!

Compatibility with other mods:
In theory, no mod should be completely incompatible with this one, but content added by other mods could be not taken into account by mine.
I added special content for these mods:
Planetary Diversity: Possible to terraform the new hospitable planet types into Hive Worlds

If you like this mod, have any question, bug to report, or new content to suggest, please feel free to do so !
Every comment will be greatly appreciated.

Compatibility: 2.0.*
Achievements: Not compatible