Expanded Hive Minds

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Author: LeSingeAffame
Last revision: 16 Jan at 06:39 UTC


Hive Minds are a really cool idea, and I love playing as them.
However, I feel they lack some content, especially compared to Machine Empire.

The goal of this mod is to ensure that the superior Organics will always have at least as much content as the filthy robotic Empires.

New mechanics:
Infestation: You can infest other species in order to integrate them into the Hive Mind without relying to genetic modification. However, the infested species will always be weakier than normal species, at least until you are sufficiently technologically advanced.

Symbiosis: Unlike the Infestation, the Symbiosis is the result of two species combining into one single organism. It can’t be spread to other species, but once the Mind has enough knowledge on the genetic modifications subject, the Symbiosis will thrive.

New content:
Technology localisation: Synthetic Dawn brought new technologies and new localisation for already existing one, but only a small fragment was also changed for Hive-Mind. So I updated quite a lot of them to be more fitting to Hive-Minds. Don’t worry fellow Individuals Organics or disguting Machines, your localisation has not been taken away.

New empires:
– Bhenn’Thell Infesting Swarm : Infested Hive Mind
– Mishar Great Hunters : Symbiotic Devouring Swarm

Next update:
– More technologies have been rewriten to fit the Hive-Minded theme

– Expanded Hive Minds – Non compatible submod : This mod does its best to be as compatible as possible with the vanilla game, and as such does not change any vanilla file. However, this severly limits what I can do, and as such I created a submod, adding new content which needs the rewriting of some vanilla files.

If you like this mod, have any question, bug to report, or new content to suggest, please feel free to do so !
Every comment will be greatly appreciated.

Compatibility: 1.9.1, but should be compatible with every version of the game after 1.8
Achievements: Not compatible

Known bugs:
Infestation and Symbiosis : Upgrading the infestation / symbiosis tier of a species can reset their rights, forcing you to manually change their colonisation and pop control back to what they were
Infestation : The Perfect Symbiosis Ascension Perk does not have a working icon