Armed Transport Ships

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Author: Thymos
Last revision: 24 May at 14:48 2018 UTC


Armed Transport Ships… In english and german. For v2.0.x
All other languages are in english too.

This mod works only with this patch (mod):

->link to patch<-


Tired that a cheap "one ship fleet" destroy your transport ships? Then is that the mod for you!

The transport ships become not battleships with this mod but they can destroy weak, single ships and stay alive to flee or complete their mission to conquer a planet.

The mod doesn’t change the models, so it works with the new human species dlc shipset –
or for example the AI-Shipset Mod too.

Adds one technology, in the early game, for "Armed Transport Ships."
Adds one optional armed section for transport ships.

The optional section have 2 pointdefence slots and a small weapon slot.
And a additionally M slot for a reactor to supply them with energy.
(See the screenshot)


Compatible with everything that dont touch the sections of the transport ships

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