New MegaStructure: Mega Shipyard (2.0)

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Author: DrBLOOD
Last revision: 14 Mar at 12:00 UTC


About that mod >

The Mega Shipyard is a new MegaStructure allowing the player to build new Navy Armadas at an amazing speed.
For a cost of 50000 minerals and 400 influence there is also an upkeep 100 energy, 50 minerals and 1 influence.
The time to build that MegaStructure is rather quick, only 3 months. And you can only have 1 in your territory.
To unlock it you will of course need the Galactic Wonder Ascenscion perk.

What are the advantages

Without talking about his ability to build navy ships very quickly the Mega Shipyard will offer to his owner 3 amazings bonus which are:
– 125 Engineering Research per month.
– An amazing boost of 750 in the Navy Capacity.
– The engineers of that shipyard also managed to create a new module reducing the upkeep of all your ships by 50%.

How does it works?

– This is simple once you have a Mega Shipyard under your control, all you have to do is to select the special edict in the menu activating the MegaStructure and showing you the Menu of what you are allowed to build. The big bonus of this building is the fact that each ship price will always be the same and that even if you added powerful components on their designs. However when you select a ship size you aren’t able to really select which design will be built unfortunately because no function allow such a thing in the events.

Shipsize Informations

– Corvette: Cost 150 Minerals and is Built in Half a Day.
– Destroyer: Cost 325 Minerals and is Built in 1 Day.
– Cruiser: Cost 700 Minerals and is Built in 2 Days.
– Battleship: Cost 1400 Minerals and is Built in 3 Days.
* This prices aren’t definitive I’m looking to make them as balanced as I can so they will probably change in the future.

As you see the command of your next Armadas will depend on how many ships and their sizes, but in the end they will come far more quickly than having to command on each spaceport of your empire. And they will also all be directly together in a single fleet. Be also careful to build the MegaShipyard in a strategic position like around 4 planets of your empire to be sure not to lose it in war or against neighbour building Frontier Outpost near it.

Can the AI use it?

– AI built Megastructures very rarely and is kinda dumb with Events Menu so for now I turned it off for them.

Mod Compability

– New Ship Class
– Overload Command Ship
– Titan Ship Class
You must build the specified ship at least once before unlocking it in the shipyard, researching the tech is not enought for modded shipclasses!

What could come in the Future

– If I have time I will try to make it compatible with: Star Wars
– The possibility to order an Admiral with fleet by of course paying 50 influences or more, who knows.

More Informations

– That mod should be compatible with multiplayer.
– Mod compatible with old saves.
– No files were replaced so that mod should be compatible with anything.