NASA JPL-Caltech Event Pictures

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Author: Gremlin [GWJ]
Last revision: 22 Sep at 00:37 2017 UTC


Stellaris has a bunch of default event pictures, but mod creators can always use more.

NASA produces thousands of images and artwork of space every year. Most NASA-created images are available for public use, for any purpose, without requiring further permission, making them perfect for use in your mods. This mod adds an additional 79 high-quality pictures that can be used for events in the game.

Here’s a complete listing of the images for your reference[]

Just activating the mod doesn’t do much: there are no default events that use them. There are two ways to use this mod:
* You can just copy the folders into your own mod, and then use them like you would use any other event graphics. You don’t get updates that way, and may overwrite other mods that also use them, but as long as you don’t alter the files you should be fine.
* Or, you can subscribe to this mod on the workshop and list it as a required mod for your mod. This will automatically get you all of the updates, but may require your end-users to activate this mod in their launcher.

The pictures included here are derived from images produced by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. For more information on the JPL image policy, consult this link:

I suggest you include the following line somewhere in your readme or credits:

Some images courtesy of: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Any contributions I’ve made to these files I release into the public domain. Feel free to use them however you see fit.

Since these files are in the public domain, I have no requirements for you to use them. I just have two requests, both entirely optional and voluntary:

First, these images are available because of the public funding of NASA’s space exploration. Space exploration is a lot more than just exciting manned missions, and if you’ve found these files of any use I encourage you to support NASA and the continued funding of their mission to bring space to all of us.

Second, go make a lot of events for Stellaris, so I can play them!