Buildable Spaceborne Aliens

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Author: Zeratul Vergil
Last revision: 22 Apr at 03:40 UTC


This mod gives you an opportunity to create the spaceborne aliens throughout the galaxy:
– Space Amoeba
– Space Whale Tiyanki
– Void Cloud
– Ancient Mining Drone
– Crystalline Entity
– Pirates
– Nomads
– Fallen Empire Ship
– Swarm Ship
– Extra dimensional Ship
– AI Ship
– Guardians

More information can be found in the description below.

Credits to Princess Stabbity and Twink315 for their Fallen Empire ship colour.

Update History:
– Combat computer adjusted, now all unique ships has their own version of combat computers (Swarm for corvette type, Pricket for destroyer type, Line for cruiser type and Artillery for battleships)
– Psionic Avatar, Swarm Ships and Extradimensional Ships have their own unique combat computers that reflect the combat aggresiveness in Boulle 1.9 version
– Guardian combat computer adjusted; some have Line type computers while others have Artillery type computer. Stellarite also have it’s own stellarite computer variant.
– Low tier and Mid tier ships’ prices adjusted, unfortunately it’ll have almost same or higher than their vanilla counterpart [Sorry =( ], their build speed is 1/3 of vanilla counterpart.
– Added weapons mods compatibility. You can have NSC ship slots and Guilli’s Ship Components ship crew.

Of course any suggestion is appreciated.

Currently my thought about the ship release in future are in follow:
– Event Ships