Buildable Spaceborne Aliens

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Author: Zeratul Vergil
Last revision: 10 Jun at 04:08 UTC


This mod gives you an opportunity to create the spaceborne aliens throughout the galaxy:
– Space Amoeba
– Space Whale Tiyanki
– Void Cloud
– Ancient Mining Drone
– Crystalline Entity
– Pirates
– Nomads
– Fallen Empire Ship
– Swarm Ship
– Extra dimensional Ship
– AI Ship
– Nanite Ships
– Guardians

More information can be found in the description below.

Credits to Princess Stabbity and Twink315 for their Fallen Empire ship colour.

– Nanite ships added
– New Guardians
– Nomad Ship resized and reworked

Of course any suggestion is appreciated.

Currently my thought about the ship release in future are in follow:
– Event Ships