Distant Origin v2 – "Unification"

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Author: mzilli
Last revision: 18 Jan at 16:23 UTC


“Life out here began out there.”

Distant Origin is a mod that adds the classic sci-fi trope of lost colonies to the universe of Stellaris. Players can choose to start as such a lost colony: cut off from the homeworld, isolated for centuries, and looking to explore the universe in search of their ancestral planet. Or you can play as a race of refugees exiled by an invading alien race, desperate to retake their homeworld at all costs. Or you can play as the homeworld itself, searching the universe for your own lost colonies scattered throughout the galaxy. There are a lot of possibilities, and virtually all of them should be compatible with most mods since no significant vanilla files are touched.

For more information, including a list of limitations, see the wiki page here: https://stellaris.paradoxwikis.com/Distant_Origin

Forum thread: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/mod-distant-origin-lost-homeworld-civic-and-more.1062776/