Distant Origin – Lost Homeworld Civic and More!

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Author: mzilli
Last revision: 28 May at 01:48 UTC


“Life out here began out there.”

I always thought there needs to be some more interesting dynamics between the different empires in Stellaris. Sure, you can insult someone or close your borders to their ships, but those methods of creating tension sometimes seem a bit artificial. So I decided to create something new in the form of two special civics, which are designed to work together. By force spawning two custom empires, one with each civic and both with the same climate preference, you can re-create a quarians-versus-geth dynamic in Stellaris, complete with unique dialogue and relationship modifiers. The civics also work on their own, with their own individual quirks. For more information, including a short list of limitations, see the “Details and Limitations” discussion linked below.

This mod adds the following:
– “Distant Origin” civic: This species evolved on a different planet altogether. While the nature and location of its true homeworld may have faded into myth, the thought of someday returning there is irresistible. Improves ship speed and survey speed, and adds some special exploration events.
– "Distant Origin (Earth)" civic: Same as above, but designates your empire as having originated on Earth. Useful for "lost human colony" empires.
– “Contested Homeworld” civic: This society’s current homeworld was disputed long ago by two sentient races who fought a global war over the right to rule it. They ultimately won, driving the losers into exile or extinction. Boosts army damage and morale (will probably change).
– “Vengeful Refugees” AI personality: This species was forcibly expelled from their original homeworld by a hostile force centuries ago, and will stop at nothing until they have reclaimed it. They are slow to trust other species, but diplomatic relations are not out of the question. They have their own unique dialogue and a permanent -1000 opinion modifier to any empire that controls their home world at any given time.
– Two new prescripted empires: “Kingdom” and "Resurgent Xarmiri Nations".
– The Commonwealth of Man now has the Distant Origin (Earth) civic, replacing Distinguished Admiralty from vanilla. Their original homeworld will always be Earth by default.
– Compatible with Planetary Diversity.
– More to come! This mod is under continuous development, and in addition to refining what’s already there I hope to add a lot more in the way of event chains and dynamic relationships. A reunification war of some kind would be pretty awesome…

Details and limitations: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1249001485/1620599015898488386/

Forum thread: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/mod-distant-origin-lost-homeworld-civic-and-more.1062776/