Shroud Expanded

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Author: Keeper of Dark Willow
Last revision: 31 Mar at 17:00 2018 UTC


2.0.2 version updated.
Please check change notes for recent updates and changes.
Have you ever wondered: "Damn, the Shroud is awesome, if only those Covenants can be better than providing merely bonus on resource"? Then this mod is for you!
This mod adds more events about the shroud and makes Covenants even more rewarding than only producing bonus resources for the empire.

Current Feature:
·Chance of gaining one additional civic point
·Chance of stealing resources from neighbor nations
·Whispers in the void now grants a specific type of pop with excellent traits.(recommended of not researching any robot technology)
·Composer of Strands now unlocks amazing edicts for your nation.
·Eater of Worlds now provides unique and powerful XL weapon for your battleship
·Instrument of Desire now allows you to build omni-building with many benefits.
·End of Cycle(with higher chance to appear) now teaches you how to build a mysterious megastructure called Avatar Project…(But beware, some Fallen Empire won’t be pleasant for that…)
·Chance of stealing spaceships from Fallen Empire
·Ability to shorten Shroud cool down for spiritualist
·New Covenant: Pope of Doctrine, requires :Gigastructural Engineering & More to appear(in addition, you also need to finish constructing The Psychic Hypersiphon GigaStructure)
And More!

Incoming Feature:
·Possibility of stealing spaceships from Fallen Empire
·Simple Chinese Version
·Ability to shorten Shroud cool down for spiritualists
·New Covenant: Pope of Doctrine (a co-mod with Gigastructural Engineering & More)
·New Covenant: Anchor of Disaster

Planned Feature:
·Shroud Disaster
·New Covenant: Brush of Exasperation

Compatibility issue: this mod overwrites vanilla file utopia_shroud_events. As far as I know, there are no current mods overwriting that file. Therefore there shouldn’t be much compatible issue with other mods.
Whether it works for a save game or not depends on situation. If none of the covenant is formed, then everything will be fine. If in a previous game a covenant is formed already(like dealing with End of the Cycle), however, then I will not be able to guarantee it will 100% work.

If you have any new idea, or meet any bug, feel free to reply to me! I would be very happy to keep working on this mod and make it even better!

Pусская версия:

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