Fallen Ancients – The Preserve Start

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Author: cbshing
Last revision: 14 Jul at 16:45 2018 UTC


Hopefully the first of four in the Fallen Ancients series, this mod adds the custom start system The Preserve Start, a manufactured gaia world designed by a long fallen empire to maintain the natural habitat of various "preserved" alien species years. Having awoken from the dream of eden, your species discovers that what they knew as their home turned out to be much more.

The Fallen Ancients mod series will focus on creating four unique event driven game starts exploring some of the unique systems that the devs designed for each of the Fallen Empires in game. The Fallen Ancients series will comprise of the following four start systems:

  • The Preserve Start: Having awoken from the dream of eden, your species discovers that what they knew as their home turned out to be much more.
  • The Enclave Start*: Recognizing the arrival of a new dark age, your species designated a colony in the outer rim to be the foundation of the empire’s rebirth, archiving the knowledge and culture of millennia of civilization.
  • The Risen Start*: Awoken from an ancient slumber to a tombed world, your species yearns to rebuild your lost empire using your technological might and hidden bases to overcome old rivals and crush the upstarts.
  • The Chosen Start*: Worshipped by the Sky People for millennia, your species must seek a new destiny amongst the stars when the devotees stop bringing offerings.

*Note, the above starts are subject to change.

This mod is a work in progress with further events planned for more roleplaying, but as a unique start system it is playable. I’ve been working on this mod on and off again for a sometime now, but I wanted to share something with everyone for the holidays. Happy Holidays!


  • The Preserve Start: A unique custom start system that begins your species on a 22 tile gaia world manufactured to maintain the natural habitat of the "preserved" alien species. Begin with up to 4 Pops* being of an alien species for a total of 10 Pops and special Xeno Preserve buildings.
    • *Note: Purifier, Hive Mind, and Machine Empires (except Assimilators) have a regular number of normal (non-xeno) pops.
  • Unique Starting Messages: Default, Purifier, Assimilator, and Servitor have a unique starting message.
  • Unique Neighbor System: A mystery to unravel, someone was watching…
  • Lost Homeworld: We came from somewhere…

Synthetic Dawn Features:

  • Assimilator: With the assimilator you will begin with 3 Pops of neither your robot or secondary species being of a xeno species.


  • Compatible with 2.0.0 Cherryh
  • Accessible for all languages (although text is only in English)*
  • No files were altered in the making of this mod, so should be compatible with most mods. One scripted trigger is overwritten (has_encountered_other_species), so it may conflict with other mods that overwrite this scripted trigger.
  • May have compatibility issues if using a mod whose code runs at game start, especially if said mod modifies the start system.

Work In Progress Feature:

  • Preserve Keeper’s storyline: Finding their Keeper’s homeworld is one thing, but what happened to them?
  • Homeworld Quest: You may have left your manufactured home, but where is your real home?
    • *Only for non-machine empires.

Start System Mods:

  • Tomb World Start Systems: Mod that adds 7 unique tomb world start system initializers, including Vault Dweller start, Wastelander start, Mutated start, and tomb world versions of Earth.
  • Machine World Start System: Mod that adds a custom start system that allows you to begin on a machine world covered with artificial structures. The thin atmosphere consists mostly of industrial pollutants and is not capable of supporting biological life.
  • Mechanist Start System: Mod that takes the Mechanist civic and turns it into a custom start system. This way you can have the benefits of starting as a Mechanist without losing a civic slot to a permanent civic!

If you have a mod that you would like to be compatible or find a bug, please let me know in the discussions section below. Also, please leave any feature proposal ideas you have. I look forward to your suggestions.