!Peregrine’s Realspace NewWorlds and Exoverhaul comp patch

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Author: Lex Peregrine
Last revision: 26 Oct at 19:37 2017 UTC


Mod information:

This is a compatibility patch for Realspace + New Worlds and ExOverhaul: Planets Enhanced + Cybertronic Worlds by ExNihil.
Please make sure all 4 parent mods are activated.

It will work with just RS New Worlds and Planets Enhanced, but you will loose the option to terraform to Machine World as in Vanilla, since with Cybertronic Worlds mod you get Machine Worlds through megaproject construction instead of terraforming. It will also work without Planets Enhanced, you just wont get any bonus if you terraform a planet to the same class (which will be a valid option, for clearing tile blockers maybe).