Capitals Extended

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Author: Stille Willem
Last revision: 8 Apr at 10:56 2018 UTC


This mod aims to add a little variety to planetary capitals, and does so by adding new adjacency bonuses, as well as other production focuses.

I know it says you need Synthetic Dawn, however I am quite sure that you can use the "vanilla" new Capitals even without the new DLC.

There are now several "focuses" for your capital building:
1. "Balanced" – Only produces Unity, with small adjacency bonuses for every other resource.
2. "Minerals" – Produces Minerals and some Unity, with a large-ish adjcacency bonus for minerals.
3. "Energy" – Produces Energy and some Unity, with a large-ish adjacency bonus for Energy.
4. "Food" – Produces Food and some Unity, with a large-ish adjacency bonus for Energy.
5. "Science" – Produces Science, with a large adjacency bonus for all three Science fields.
6. "Unity" – Produces Unity, with a large adjacency bonus for Unity.

You do NOT require a new save game for this mod. However, I recommend doing so because respeccing your Capitals is a tedious job.

Respeccing has been REMOVED as of 1.2. You now have to destroy your old Capital and build an entirely new one if you want it.

There are probably some bugs in this mod. If you encounter any, please report them.

Thanks to /u/Peter34cph on Reddit for the idea of this mod.

To do list:
– Possibly add new techs involving the custom capitals, as well as unlockable Fallen Empire buildings for specialized Empire Capitals.
– Add some pictures to showcase.
– Fixing the Unity adjacency description thing. It looks weird.
– Updating the icons for the new capitals.

Modified vanilla files:
– 00_buildings.txt
– 00_syntheticdawn_buildings
– Please report any issues, I can try to make some compatibility patch for other mods or so.

Changelog is available in the "Change Notes" tab, above the mod image section.