Immersive Galaxy – Bugfix

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Author: Dwaine
Last revision: 9 Jul at 21:56 UTC


After reading this post on reddit, I dived into the game to check.
The seams are there, and really showing, so here is a mod to correct this.

This mod correct 4 faulty textures done by PDX:
– (misaligned)
It also correct these bugs :
– weird poles of mars
– rings textures beahaving weirdly, restoring animated clouds and replacing the continental texture by the gaia one.
– cubemap_filtered_ldr textures that are reflected in the oceans and the edge of the black holes (mainly), the texture is completely corrupted, I replaced by a very dark star background.

The mod is completely save game compatible, you can activate/deactivate the mod without any impact.

This mod, should NOT conflict with ANY other mod.
Ironman compatible
Achievment compatible.

If you notice another faulty texture, leave a message and I’ll try my best to correct it.

  • 1.2.1:
    – Added gaia texture to FE ringworlds
  • 1.2:
    – Correction of corrupted cubemap texture resulting in disgusting lighting on oceans on the night side of planets
  • 1.1:
    – Correction of Mars poles
    – Correction of faulty ringworlds textures