Reduced Border Friction

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Author: KnightNight
Last revision: 12 Oct at 20:29 2017 UTC


Annoyed at never being able to form federations with your neighbours? Hate how you almost always have to kill the guys you spawn next to, even if you should really get along?

Reduced border friction does exactly what is says on the tin, reduces the border friction diplomatic malus. It does this by both reducing the max from -100 to -75 (before AI personality multipliers) and reducing the per system penelty from 3 to 2. The end result is that your neighbours are a bit friendlier. Empires that would hate you will still probably hate you, but hopefully decently friendly empires will be a bit more receptive to defensive pacts and federations.

IMPORTANT: As far as I can tell, the values used to determine border friction are set at the start of the game. This means that this mod will only work if you have it at galaxy generation. It WON’T work if added mid game.