Military Uniforms

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Author: Arnovitz
Last revision: 8 Dec at 04:38 UTC


Service guarantees citizenship!

This mod provides an aesthetic overhaul to human military leaders and military empires with a specific focus on making "citizen service" come to life. Leaders in such societies are now always a part of the military. Are you doing your part?

Leader level pips have been added to uniforms! Leaders will gain a pip for each level up to the max of ten. These pips are visible on military uniforms once the leader reaches level two or higher. Leaders that become rulers or return back to their previous job will switch uniforms, but still retain all their pips. Women have also been given an additional hairstyle.

Note: You may need to refresh leader windows, switch leaders, or reload a game for leader pips to appear correctly in some instances. This is a limitation of the Stellaris engine itself.

Current Uniform Collection

Ruler: New black uniform with eagle that will only be worn by the ruler of a (non-imperial) military government.

Admiral: Same blue uniform.

General: Replaces old general uniform with a green admiral version. Looks better.

Governor: New red uniform that will only appear if you have a military government.

Scientist: New teal uniform only for scientists working under a military government.

Also, check out my haircut mod since the "man bun" should not exist in 2200.