Dark UI & Expanded Colours 180 Color Picker Fix

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Author: shredtilldeth
Last revision: 31 Aug at 22:35 2018 UTC


Fixes the color picker problem caused by using Dark UI and Expanded Colours 180

The only thing wrong with putting these two mods together is the color picker button is incorrect for the new size of the extra colors. I created a button highlight that works seamlessly. Just install this concurrently with Dark UI and Expanded Colours 180.

To get Dark UI and Expanded Colours click the link on the right under "Required Items".

Ironman and Achievement compatible

Check out my fully achievement compatible Mod Collection. This fix and the original mods will work great on their own, but I made this fix to go with the collection.

Required items:
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Dark UIOn Steam
Expanded Colours [180 Colours]On Steam