Xeno Fauna 1.9 Edition

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Author: AlphaAsh
Last revision: 22 Dec at 20:19 2017 UTC


Find and exploit animals on alien worlds.

This simple mod adds several planet-based alien animals (strategic resources) for you to discover and exploit.

Here’s how you go about doing that:

1 – Research Xeno Life Studies.
2 – Build a XenoFauna Studies on a planet.
3 – Clear some blockers on that planet.

Depending on local conditions, there’s a very small chance that some interesting xeno fauna will be discovered once a blocker is cleared.

Each type provides a small empire bonus by just having it but you can build empire unique buildings on the deposit for further bonuses. The empire unique building on a deposit provides the majority of the empire modifiers, not the SR itself.

There are currently 10 different xeno fauna types to discover.

  • A generic breeding center, that is built adjacent to a second deposit of a Xeno Fauna type already being exploited on another planet, increases that deposit by 1 once complete.
  • Further, if there’s no building on the second deposit, an additional specialised breeding center is immediately added to the deposit’s tile.
  • This allows you to exploit any additional instances of a Xeno Fauna type you are lucky enough to find.


This mod modifies the following vanilla files: common/technology/00_soc_tech.txt
Built against v1.8.3. Untested on 1.8.2 or earlier.
Should work fine with an existing save-game.


If breeding space-borne creatures is more your thing, please try Gwen’s Domesticated XenoFauna, which is one of the inspirations for this mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=817648237&searchtext=domesticated

Licence: Original artwork is copyright the author & Alpha Strike Games Limited.

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