Better Habitats

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Author: Ubermensch
Last revision: 10 Dec at 17:42 2017 UTC


A habitat overhaul mod. Makes habitats more versatile, more powerful, but also more expensive.

*Spaceports can be built around habitats.
*Adds several new habitat-specific buildings.
*Ringworlds now increase pop resource output by 10% and biological pop happiness by 5%.

*Habitats are size 16, up from size 12.
*Habitats cost 10,000 minerals, up from 5,000. Habitat buildings cost approximately twice as much.
*Habitats only increase naval capacity by 5 now, to compensate for spaceport naval capacity.
*Agricultural Zone has been renamed Agro-Arcology. Now gives +4 food and +2 society output instead of +4 food.
*Astro-Mining Bay has been replaced by Microgravity Fabricators, which give +4 minerals and +2 engineering output instead of +4 minerals.
*Ringworld cost reduced to 85,000 minerals, down from 110,000 minerals.