Better Habitats

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Author: Ubermensch
Last revision: 29 Jul at 02:25 2018 UTC


A habitat overhaul mod. Makes habitats more versatile and powerful.

Warning: Screenshots are outdated. Caveat emptor.

*Adds several new habitat-specific buildings.
*Ringworlds now increase pop resource output by 5%. Cost reduced by 20,000 minerals.
*Circle of Life is disabled. Ringworlds require Galactic Wonders instead.
*Habitats are size 16, up from size 12. Habitat buildings cost approximately twice as much.
*Agricultural Zone and Astro-Mining Bay have 50% greater resource production and upkeep.
*Solar Power Processors produce 8 energy, up from 6.
*Strongholds on habitats can be upgrade to fortresses. Habitat administration provide defensive armies.