All in one Economy

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Author: Derp Dolphin
Last revision: 19 Feb at 22:47 2018 UTC


First mod

This is a collection of changes made myself to reduce the number and reliance on outdated mods and number of mods loaded.
Influence is the lowest income resource, even more so when you are using edicts, planetary edicts, recruiting leaders with low lifespans, colonizing… and so on. This will help you deal with all this upkeep on that low income.
This mod changes upkeep values only

Federation influence cost removed

Ship maintaince cut in half

No influence upkeep on outposts

Energy upkeep to stations is reduced

Building upkeep for farms and mineral production reduced

Gurantee influence cost is reduced

Defensive pact cost is reduced


If this mod causes any bugs or is not up to date let me know this is always in the works but I may not catch a bug or update sometimes. This modifies the files 00_buildings.txt , 00_defines.txt Cannot gurantee Yet it will work with all other economy mods.

==Released for 1.9
==Updated for 1.9.1

Planned changes

Testing currently and thinking of other upkeep changes to be made balance changes will come with feedback and more testing.
-Building upkeep
-Pacts montly influence costs

Compatibility for upcoming 2.0

and changes acompanying 2.0
-Edict influence costs (If anyone knows how to implement these let me know)