GDI EVA Advisor

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Author: NotCally
Last revision: 15 Dec at 11:26 2017 UTC


Another advisor, this time the GDI’s EVA from C&C 3.

Icon is still being weird if anyone has made icons for Stellaris before and would like to assist a retard add me on steam.

There isn’t a line for every line, I did the best with what I had and I’m surprised that I got enough to make a workable mod, but some things have no lines or have the best line that could fit.
And example:
Colony ship under attack = Critical ship under attack
Colony established = VIR normal version of colony established.

I’ll try to update with more lines to fix these gaps, but as far as I can see some of them are inevitable. Here’s the full list of lines that do and don’t have something, if there’s no quote there’s not EVA line for it, the Xs were me marking down what I’d done.

Generic Sample “blah blah blah stuff” X
Alien Empire Communication “Incoming transmission” X
Alien Federation Formed “Alliance formed” X
Alien Spaceport Engaged “Units under attack” X
Alien Vessel Encountered “Units detected” X
Building Ruined “Structure abandoned.” X
Colonization in progress
Colony established
Colony Ship Destroyed “Critical unit lost” X
Colony Ship Under Attack “Critical unit under attack” X
Construction Complete “Construction complete.” X
Construction Ship Destroyed “Construction unit lost” X
Construction Ship Under Attack “Construction unit under attack” X
Debri analysed
Anomaly Detected “Bacon detected” X
Enemy Declared War "Incoming transmission" X
Enemy Invasion Defeated “Planetary assault defeated.” X
Enemy Troops Landing “Warning, planetary assault carrier detected” X
Evade Hostile Fleet (I’ve got the word disengaged, just thinking on what to combine it with. Units disengaged?)
Federation Formed “Alliance formed” X
Fleet Destroyed “Unit lost” X
Fleet Detected “Unit detected” X
Frontier Outpost Lost “Building lost.” X
Generic War Declare
Hostile Fleet Detected “Enemy units detected.” X
Hostile Fleet Engaged “Unit under attack” X
Hostile Station Engaged “Unit under attack” X
Incoming Transmission “Incoming transmission” X
Invasion Enemy Won “Warning planetary assault accomplished.” X
Invasion Failed “Planetary assault failed” X
Invasion Progress “Planetary assault in progress” X
Invasion Success “Planetary assault accomplished.”
Military Station Lost “Base defences offline” X
Mining Station Lost “Harvester lost” X
Observation Post Lost “Building lost.” X
Planet in Revolt
Player Declare War
Pre Sapient Uplifted
Primitive Enlightened
Research Complete “New technology acquired” X
Research Station Lost “Building lost.” X
Science Ship Destroyed “Technology unit lost” X
Science Ship Is Under Attack
Science Ship Under Attack “Technology unit under attack” X
Ships Upgraded “Unit upgraded” X
Situation Log “New objective received”
Spacebourne Encounter “Units detected” X
Spaceport Lost “Our base is destroyed.” X
Spaceport Under Attack “Our base is under attack.” X
Special Project Complete “Objective complete” X
Species Modified
Station Under Attack “Our base is under attack.” X
System Survey Complete
Tile Blocker Clear
Unidentified Object
Wormhole Station Lost “Critical structure lost” X

There is also the option of adding dummy files so that when Tile Blocker Clear is meant to play, but there’s no EVA file for it, instead of playing the normal VIR line it just plays nothing. But I don’t like this solution as personally, I’d rather have all the advisor lines than some, even if only some are the advisor I want.
Also VIR is cool c:

Achievement compatible.