Glavius’s AI Building Fix Mod

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Author: Glavius
Last revision: 12 Dec at 00:23 2017 UTC


Check out my new mod which fixes even more AI issues!

If you are using my megamod you do not need this mod!

My AI megamod contains more stuff. For example in the megamod you get a new defines so that sectors will spend resources instead of hoarding them before spending them. The AI will wait to build fleets until it has a threat or a desire to go to war. It’s does everything in this mod but just a bunch more.

This mod is designed to fix what the AI chooses to build on its planets the mod will fix both the sector AI and the general AI. As such, you can expect sectors to produce more resources much more quickly while at the same time producing less food. It also prevents the AI from scrapping or replacing buildings repeatedly by reducing the number of valid buildings that can be targeted for replacement.

This mod fixes the following problems:

The AI starvation problem
The incompetent placement of buildings
The inability to have large sectors containing well over 10 planets
The build -> scrap -> build the same building again loop
The build -> replace -> replace loop
The AI not building spaceport modules
The AI not properly utilizing habitats
The AI not targetting research
The AI running out of energy

It has compounding affects:

The AI will now build larger fleets
The AI will now keep up technologically
The AI will go to war
It fixes your sectors – Feel free to give them resources and planets and you wont have to worry about them spending it badly.

The Food Fix
If the AI detects that you are running a surplus greater than 25 it will start removing Hydroponics Farms. It will start with the lowest tier buildings and work its way up until you are between +10 and +25 a month. The AI will always build the following food production buildings if it can

At least 1 Hydroponics farm on every planet

A Paradise Dome if it has the tradition for it

A Slave Processing facility if it has the technology

If the AI has a food deficit it’ll priority build farms on food tiles.

Locations with food that aren’t used by farms will have power plants built on them.

The Unity Building Fix
This fix only works on a version of Stellaris that doesn’t add new tradation paths. If you have added new paths through a mod (such as the ethics/civics/traditions rebuild mod) then Unity buildings will not get scrapped.

The AI will now build unity buildings. It will only build them on tiles with no other resources. If the AI has completed all of the unity trees it will scrap most unity buildings. It will replace them with Mining Networks. It will keep the Paradise Dome and other buildings with powerful effects.

Future Plans
This mod will be continued as soon as 1.8 launches. I fully suspect the mod will work on launch day but the unity fix will most likely break when Paradox adds more tradition paths. I’m also preparing a post-1.8 total AI overhaul mod which I’ve been working on for nearly 3 months now and am VERY excited about.

Re-use Information:
This mod is free for use in any mod that you may wish to create. Feel free to use this mod in anyway you wish. I only ask that you link back to this page in any mod that integrates everything from this mod since users they may wish to grab the latest version.

Known Issues:
No known issues

Version Information:
Date: 23rd September 2017
Version: 2.3.2
Information: Updates related to unity and research buildings.

This mod should work with any non-total overhaul mod. So it wont work with Star Trek New Horizons or Alphamod but it should work with virtually any other mod. If you find a mod that it doesn’t work with leave a note with the name of the incompatible mod and I can make a compatability patch.
Fully compatible with 1.8.*
Save compatible you can add it or remove it from your current Stellaris save without breaking anything.

If you run into duplicate buildings install this compatability patch that should fix everything: