Repeatable Ascension Theory Technology

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Last revision: 26 May at 17:02 UTC


Exactly what it says on the box: infinitely repeatable ascension theory technology. Designed for use with any mod that increases the number of ascension perks available. When there are no more ascension perk slots left, don’t feel obligated to keep researching it.

The repeatable ascension theory technology is only available after researching the first rare ascension theory perk, and is more expensive and less likely than other repeatable technologies (in line with the vanilla ‘Ascension Theory’ technology).

  • One infinitely repeatable technology that grants ascension perk slots


This mod changes no base files; should be completely compatible with all mods until the end of time. This mod will work with existing save games as well as new games.


Works with 2.1.* release of Stellaris. Should be compatible with all versions of Stellaris, even if the version number is not updated, unless there is a radical change to the technology system.

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