Presapient Trait Selectable

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Author: cbshing
Last revision: 28 Feb at 03:10 UTC


This mod allows you to select the presapient traits available ingame at the game start. Its not meant to be balanced and only for roleplaying.


  • Makes the 6 presapient traits, the uplifted trait, and the servile trait from Syncretic Evolution selectable at game start.
    • Uplifted: +10% Happiness
    • Conservative: +5% Happiness, +25% Governing Ethics Attraction, -33% Leader Experience Gain
    • Earthbound: +10% Energy Credits, +10% Garrison Health, +50% Forticiation Defense Bonus
    • Irradiated: +100% Tomb World Habitability, +30 Leader Lifespan
    • Natural Intellectuals: +5% Unity Output, +10% Physics Output, +10% Engineering Output, +10% Society Output, -10% Minerals
    • Proles: +10% Army Damage, +10% Minerals, +10% Food, -15% Physics Output, -15% Engineering Output, -15% Society Output
    • Starborn: +50% Migration Speed, -25% Resettlement Cost, +10% Habitability
    • Servile: +10% Happiness, +50% Governing Ethics Attraction, +10% Minerals, +10% Food, -10% Energy Credits, -25% Physics Output, -25% Engineering Output, -25% Society Output, -33% Leader Experience Gain, -1 Leader Skill Levels
  • Each of the traits are mutually exclusive with each other, so you can only select 1 pre-sapient trait. The exception to the rule is the Uplifted trait.


  • Compatible with 2.0.0
  • Available in all languages
  • No files overwritten or modified.

Note from Author:

  • This mod was put together in a couple of hours at the suggestion of @outomaton/オートマトン from the Syncretic Mechanists++ mod comments to give subscribers additional roleplaying abilities. It takes advantage of some of the coding updates in 1.8 to prevent random AI empires from starting with these traits. The code actually duplicates all of the presapient traits in-game, so this will be compatible with any mod. If you have find any bugs let me know. Have fun & enjoy!