Dynamic Political Events

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Authors: Caligula Caesar, risker
Last revision: 16 Jan at 14:27 UTC


Mod Information in Russian – Описание мода на русском языке

Stellaris lacks life. There are only fleeting moments when one gets a sense of actually leading a stellar empire with real citizens whose opinions matter. Imagine if we (us Humans) suddenly weren’t the only species on our planet – how we get on with the others would soon be one of the big topics. Or if machines produced half our output suddenly, one could imagine it might be difficult to adjust. In Stellaris, this is simply expressed by numbers, if at all. And eventually, Stellaris simply becomes an exercise in blobbing, with your populace becoming more or less irrelevant.
I seek to change this. With the help of degrees in History and Politics, experience working as a scenario writer, and of course some practice at modding, I have written a large number of event chains that will bring the politics of your empire to life. Some are positive, many are negative (I find Stellaris to be in need of more challenge after the early game), others are more ambiguous. They will make you make decisions, not all of which will be obvious. Storylines include:

• Various events to do with integrating alien species, including tensions between species and your attitude towards interspecies marriages.
• Emancipation (empire mini-crisis) – egalitarians try to get you to give up slaves.
• Luddites (empire mini-crisis) – ‘backwards’ spiritualists try to get rid of your robot workers.
• Pacifists demanding a swift end to a conflict.
• Colonisation Stories – your new colonists on a planet might choose a leader or choose how to organise themselves. You may not always approve of their choices. (7 ethics done so far)
• Establish a ruler cult to your emperor.
• Factional Revolts – if a faction has 15% support and is upset, it might revolt. I’ve made a full event chain for it, spanning 10-15 years, so it won’t take you by surprise, but it has teeth.
• And more (more than 21,000 words of text in total).

Note that at present this mod doesn’t add any events for Machine Empires or Hives. Please point out ideas for them if you have any.

One of my aims is to make your empire’s ethics more important to the game. So, naturally, some events are more likely to happen if you have a certain ethic (or can only come then). Your choices are also determined by them – for instance, many events have a “Kill. Them. All.” option that is only available to fanatic purifiers, fanatic authoritarians, and normal authoritarians that have fanatic xenophobe or militarist, or both xenophobe and militarist, ethics. I also added a ‘Thought Police’ edict for the same categories of empires, which will allow them to slowly purge pops of different ethics, and they may also flee as political refugees. I didn’t want to be too restrictive, though – most of the time, any ethic but egalitarian can choose to oppress pops that protest about stuff.
Note: The AI will also be confronted with these events. I have added AI weights to help it make the right choices given its situation.

As part of my mod, ethic pulls have been rebalanced a bit. The gist is that now if your empire does well, it is better at keeping control of ethics, but if it doesn’t or its pops are displeased, it does worse (more so than in Vanilla). Also, if groups of pops of the same ethic are present on a planet, it will be harder to get rid of them, so opposition will clump – something which is important for factional revolts (and realistic).

I should mention that I test all balancing with my other political mod, Potent Rebellions Expanded. I highly recommend you use that mod, partly because it is my masterpiece, and partly because it makes a lot of the events in this mod more likely to come up – and more dangerous. (Basically, unrest is harder to suppress in it, and unrest makes some events mod likely to happen; also, in that mod, successful revolts can spread and spawn fleets, making them much more of a threat). That said, you can certainly play this mod without it.

Please report anything that seems weird or is a bug. I am one person with limited testing resources, so I apologise in advance for them. But once pointed out, I’ll fix them quickly! See my pinned bug-fixing discussion.

Savegame Compatibility:
Should work, most things definitely will, but I can’t 100% guarantee no issues.

Some of you may wonder about performance, as adding new events often hits it, and Vanilla has its issues already. I take the performance of my mod very seriously though, and luckily I know some tricks (basically, all the complicated stuff gets checked once a month rather than once a day), so you shouldn’t notice much difference.

As part of this mod, I have added 8 new event pictures and 27 planet modifier icons. This was necessary because Stellaris doesn’t have many events on civilian life at all, so consequently had no fitting event pictures. I like the results, planet modifiers are easy and turned out well, event pictures are way more challenging though, and my artistic talent is limited to bodging. If anyone is talented with this sort of thing and would like to help me out, give me a shout!

This mod will not conflict or even overlap with any of the other event mods that I know of. This includes the More Events Mod (of which I am a sporadically active team member).
I currently overwrite 00_ethics. The only mod I know that does this is petruxa’s Ethics Rebuild. His will overwrite mine if you play the full Cultural Overhaul, which is fine, because the changes in the file aren’t crucial to my mod and are to his. His will be overwritten if you play any of the sub-versions of it that start with E, though.
Also, factions – no overwrites, but:
-Factional revolts will not happen with non-Vanilla factions. (The Ethics Rebuild and AlphaMod both add factions). Compatibility mods are possible, but I will only do it once I’m satisfied with how the factional revolts work.
-Many of my events elicit reactions from factions (happiness or unhappiness). Obviously, this won’t happen for non-Vanilla factions, and if Vanilla factions’ roles have been changed, some reactions may not make sense.
Oh yeah, and Star Trek New Horizons – they explicitly tell you not to use any other non-submod mods with it. I don’t know much about the mod, but I think this mod is likely to work poorly with it, with quite a lot of issues, though maybe not any seriously gamebreaking.

-Russian – CBeTou
-French (75%) – [HSC] Aven
-German (30%) – Morindil, myself
-Other Vanilla languages, plus not-yet translated bits of French and German will display in English.
Japanese – thanks to Mikaduki
-If anyone wants to have a shot at the others (even in part), let me know!

I want to add more event chains. As many as possible, really. I have some more planned. It takes quite a long time to add quality event chains, though, so it will be a gradual effort. If you have any ideas, please propose them!

Also, if you want to help me out in any way (writing events, coding, graphics, translations), you’re most welcome! I’m hoping that in the long term this mod will grow into a big events pack like MEM, but with a broadly political focus, so I’m recruiting team members 🙂

Oh yeah, and if you like this mod and want to show support, please