Ponies : The Voice Pack

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Author: Bisougai(Thithi)
Last revision: 8 Dec at 18:13 2017 UTC



Ponies : The Voice Pack bring a new advisor for your empire !
I used extract of My Little Pony series and films.

Art Credit

Mod Artwork by Tony-Retro[tony-retro.deviantart.com] : PONIES SHOW – MLP in the 30’s[tony-retro.deviantart.com]
Base used for icon by Durpy[durpy.deviantart.com] : Rainbow Dash Vector[durpy.deviantart.com]

Mod infos

Version : 1.1
Stellaris : 1.9 (should work for every 1.8+ version)
Localisation : English (French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese also with english string value)

Compatibility list

Not really "compatibility" because since the mod is only an advisor it should be compatible with every mod
The following list are the mod which ethics&civics choice can set the Pony Advisor as default.
Pony Stuff (work also for the no random spawn version)
Pony Mod