Ponies : The Music Pack

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Author: Bisougai(Thithi)
Last revision: 25 Mar at 18:54 UTC



Ponies : The Music Pack brings awesome My Little Pony themed musics created by the community !
I only add authors who gave me their permissions to use their creation.

Original musics aren’t replaced !

Number of tracks : 37
Length : 2h27min

Music Credit

– Jyc Row : Youtube
– Frozen Night : Youtube
– Redstone Brony : Youtube
– ModernBard : Youtube
– Fellowship Symphonies : Youtube
More to come ! Maybe… Need to find other artists/tracks…

A detailled music list with name and links is available here

Art Credit

Mod Artwork by Tony-Retro[tony-retro.deviantart.com] : PONIES SHOW – MLP in the 30’s[tony-retro.deviantart.com]

Mod infos

Version : 1.3
Stellaris : 2.0 (But it’s only music so you can ignore any version warning)
Localisation : No need. It’s only music

You know, or you are, a brony artist ? And you think some musics could be added in the mod ? You can use the forum thread.