Eve Online: The Beginnings

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Author: Canenald
Last revision: 24 Dec at 11:18 2017 UTC


Mod version: 0.5.4
For: Stellaris 1.9.x

Required mods:
Eve Online Shared
[Flags] Eve Online

This mod is the first in a set of mods that aim to bring the flavor of Eve Online into Stellaris in a minimalistic way that doesn’t change core game mechanics and balance a lot but stays true to Eve Online lore as much as possible.

Eve Online: The Beginnings is set at the time when four humans empires of New Eden have freshly rediscovered space flight and are reaching out to conquer the stars again.

Current features:

4 empires as playable countries
Jove and Drifters as Fallen Empires
6 primitives based on empire ethnicities integrated into empires at later date
4 enclaves based on sov-holding NPC corporations, 2 curators and 2 traders, to be customized in the future
Starting systems as true as possible to their EVE stats
Randomly generated galaxy with EVE star names, based on "named systems" only (no nullsec and J-numbers)
Precursors renamed to Takmahl, Talocan, Sleeprs and Yan Jung, to be customized in the future
No aliens if you follow the recommended galaxy settings

Recommended settings:


Minimum galaxy size is Medium to get all the enclaves and primitives, but Huge really feels best.
Elliptical matches the shape of New Eden best but any shape is playable.
AI Empires has to be 3 to get all the other empires as AI and not get any randomly generated aliens.
Advanced AI Starts should be ok but not explicitly supported.
Fallen Empires set to 2 if you want them to spawn, but you can turn them off if you don’t like them.
Primitive Civilizations should always be off to prevent randomly generated aliens. All 6 EVE-themed primitives are generated by events even if this is set to off.
Crisis should be off. No EVE-themed crisis has been implemented.
Allowed FTL Method: either any or Hyperdrive.

Other settings don’t matter and can be set as preferred.

Other recommended mods:

These are not required but I find them a very nice addition:
EVE Online Music
EvE Online: Loading Screens
Immersive Galaxy – Nightfall
Reduce Aura Graphics
ZBeautiful Battles

Lore discrepancies:

Some things in the mod could not fully mirror the EVE lore and had to be changed slightly, either because of lack of data, or because available EVE "history" doesn’t make sense in a Stellaris game.

Caldari-Gallente War is considered to already have happened so that Gallente and Caldari can start in different systems even though at the beginning of the game Gallente haven’t yet discovered the other two founding nations of Gallente Federation (represented as primitivies in the mod).

Empires are lead by the "modern day" leaders because there’s no info on their initial leaders when space flight was rediscovered.

Similarly, "modern day" corporations, ships and military units are represented.

Starting systems have been scaled down to fit the Stellaris best practice of max 400 orbit distance units. All systems except Pator had distances of extreme outer planets even further scaled down because CCP went full mental when coming up with those.

Primitives may take names of their eventual ships and leaders from name lists of their future empire according to lore. Only Intaki and Ni-Kunni have their own leader name pools.

Amarr Empire will have heir decided in advance because that’s how Stellaris implements monarchies.

Future plans:

More empire flavor features
Fully EVE-themed precursor event chains
More leader names in name lists. Current names are pulled from agents only. Would like to add names from other NPCs as well.
Real New Eden map generated from EVE static data dumps.
Fully customized enclaves with custom dialogs and interactions
Mordu’s Legion as mercenary enclave selling ships and armies
Vanilla "space fauna" replaced with EVE pirates and Rogue Drones
Slave raid mission on outposts for Amarr
Rename some things like technologies, modules and resources to equivalent EVE names
Rewrite random event chains like Church of the Light to fit EVE universe
Extend lifetime of Amarr Emperor/Empress
Another mod, using same base data, set in "modern day" EVE, with modular player alliances, either as humans or aliens (TEST as reptilians, Goons as insectoids, PL as molluscoids, TRI as avians, etc).



To contribute, fork the repo, make the changes and test them by running the mod. When you’re pleased with what you’ve done, make a pull request on github. If you only have suggestions but no time or skill to change the mod, open an issue with your suggestion.

Stuff I’d like help with the most:
A flag for Drifters. Currently uses a vanilla symbol.
Unified flags, currently pulling from two mods.
Models for civilian ships and stations, more combat ship models dependent on sections, for examples frigates using bomber models if torpedo core is selected, destroyers using dictor models if picket is selected, etc.
More EVE-like portraits true to Stellaris style.

Things I won’t be accepting is sloppy graphics work that departs from Stellaris style too much and suggestions to reinvent game mechanics, for example by implementing EVE ship fitting.


Vanilla files changed by this mod and Eve Online Shared:

Any mods that change the same files will probably cause issues when used with this one.


made initial rulers of elective empires (Minmatar, Caldari and Gallente) "respawn" as leaders when they lose office
fixed a typo in Minmatar initial ruler name

updated for Stellaris 1.9

smaller starting system planets

fixed Jove and Drfiters missing a habitability trait causing them to migrate between planets and become refugees indefinitely
replaced remaining traces of vanilla precursor names with EVE precursors

initial release

Required items:
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