Thad’s Clean Space Fix 1.9.1

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Author: [E.FF]Thadwookie
Last revision: 19 Feb at 21:51 2018 UTC


-Doesn’t require Hyperlane Visibility Mod – i just made a quick link
-Original Mod – no credit taken, just making the mod more compatible.

1: Uncheck old Clean Space mod
2: Check Thad’s Clean Space Fix 1.8.3.
3: Install Hyperlane Visibility Mod:

This mod takes out the changes to hyperlane network from the original Clean Space mod. Use this mod solely for what this mod aims to change. The modification of hyperplanes file. So that other mods can change and play with hyperplanes. While at the same time enjoy clean space mod.

-credit goes to

Required items:
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Thad's Merge Mod One 1.9.1On Steam