Cosmic Religions

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Author: fliorcid
Last revision: 26 Feb at 12:15 UTC


Mod adds to the game 7 religious systems that gives small bonuses: animism, monotheism, polytheism, pantheism, secularism, atheism and materialism.
The religious affiliation of the population is not constant, but changes with time.

How it works:

Each pop belongs to one of the seven religious systems.
Every 2 years (on average) one of the pops on the planet changes its religion to one of the available ones. Religious systems are made available through open borders and the spread of the religious system.
The probability that a settler will adopt a particular religious system depends on many factors, for example, the prevalence of this system in the empire, buildings on the planet, religious policies, ethics, etc.

The spread of religious systems in the empire can be influenced by religious policy and a planetary edict.

Depending on the religious system, other empires have opinion modifiers ranging from -40 to +40. The religious systems of other empires can be found using the new map mode.

Mod also adds 4 civilian models for spiritualistic empires:
1) Holy society – with a low probability, leaders will receive an additional "Saint" trait;
2) Sacrifices – from time to time it will be necessary to sacrifice resources or settlers in exchange for different bonuses;
3) Last journey – after the death of the leaders they must be sent to another world (the exchange of resources for influence and unity);
4) Seekers – from time to time the empire will receive a modifier that stimulates colonization.