[Music]Epic music pack

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[Music]Epic music pack

Add a new music:
-Two Steps From Hell – Blackheart

update ver2.0

High-quality music list:

-Audio Machine – Breath and Life
-Audio Machine – Danuvius
-Audio Machine – Shadowfall
-Audio Machine – The New Earth
-Brand X Music – Helmet to Helmet
-Danny Mc Carthy – Rags To Rings
-Dark Winter Music – Novera
-Epic Score – Liberators
-Era – The Mass
-Escala – Clubbed To Death
-Escala – Requiem For A Tower
-Future World Music – Follow Your Dream
-Hans Zimmer – Cornfield Chase
-Hans Zimmer – Day One
-Hans Zimmer – Dust
-Hans Zimmer – Like A Dog Chasing Cars
-Hans Zimmer – Mountains
-Hans Zimmer – No Time For Caution
-Immediate Music – Serenata Immortale
-Immediate Music – Tales of the Electric Romeo
-John Dreamer – Becoming a Legend
-John Stanford – Rapture
-Klaus Badelt – He’s a Pirate
-Mark Petrie – Go Time
-Neil Davidge – Arrival
-Nightwish – Amaranth (Orchestral Version)
-Philter – Adventure Time
-Position Music – Man At Arms
-Ramin Djawadi – Pacific Rim
-Russell Brower – The Wandering Isle
-Shire Music,Riptide Music – Epiphany
-Sub Pub Music – Face The World
-Thomas Bergersen – A Place in Heaven
-Thomas Bergersen – Immortal
-Twisted Jukebox – Angels Will Rise
-Two Steps From Hell – After The Fall – Original
-Two Steps From Hell – Never Back Down
-Two Steps From Hell – Star Sky
-Two Steps From Hell – Strength Of A Thousand Men
-Two Steps From Hell – Victory
-Vangelis – Conquest of Paradise
-X-Ray Dog – Dark Side Story Drums
-Xyron – Our Destiny Lies Above Us (Xyron Remix)
-Zack Hemsey – Mind Heist

All original music rights to the original author of all if there is any wrong please contact me as soon as possible to do delete processing

Thank you for your support!