Authoritarian Purge

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Author: Fyrefly
Last revision: 18 Dec at 18:01 2017 UTC


Miss the old slavery system, wish you could purge your empire of Egalitarians only to find out half of them are your main species. Well worry no longer. This mod allows you to purge anyone, at any time for almost anyreason. Regardless of Citizenship status.

The only requirements are that you be Authoritarian, Fanatic Authoritarian, or Fanatic Spiritualist, because no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. Why should Xenophobes and Authoritarians have all the fun when your Democratically Elected Clergy also wants to purge the galaxcy of heresy.

OMG Front page I feel so happy, thank you everyone who has subscribed to my mod, both the Paradox Discord, and Modding Discord, who I would never even know how to make mods without.

Thank’s to McGiggins for the updated Logo.

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