Brute-force Mechanical Evolution

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Author: Argual
Last revision: 24 Feb at 08:42 UTC


Lets play a game: Every time you read the word "technology" below, you drink!

Adds a tier 2 five times repeatable technology with the following effects:
– Robot/Machine resource output: +3% (up to +15%)
– Robot/Machine maintenance cost: -3% (up to -15%)
– Robot/Machine build speed: +5% (up to +25%)
– Robot/Machine modification points: +1 (up to +5)
– Modify species special project cost: -3% (up to -15%)

Technically the mod adds 2 technologies, one for machine empires and one for regular empires with Robomodding.
(Brute-force Evolution Simulations for machines, Brute-force Design Alterations for robots)
The technology requires the Machine Template System technology to be researched.
This is one of the rarest tier 3 technologies you can get.

HOWEVER: When machine empires get the Synthetic Age ascension perk, or regular empires the Synthetic Evolution ascension perk, the technology will be guaranteed to show up amongst the research options.

BUT: You won’t be able to research the 5 levels in a row. If you research one level, you will have to research another technology before being able to research the next. Why? Because Stellaris won’t let you research 2 levels of the same technology in a row.

ALSO: You probably see that it is easier to get the technology for machine empires, as they only need 1 level of their ascension path instead of 2. That is because I think it is more appropriate that machines get it esasier, and machines need terraforming technologies to get Machine Worlds.

Lastly, to avoid confusion:
As a regular empire, you don’t have to complete the Synthetic Evolution project to increase the chance of getting the technology option. You only need to pick the perk and it will show up the next time you complete an engineering research.