Ancient Constructors

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Author: Argual
Last revision: 24 Feb at 09:04 2018 UTC


The mod will NOT be developed further due to my limited skills in modding and the unpredictability of its impact on game balance.

This mod adds another gameplay defining civic to the game. The AI will not use this one.

Civic: Ancient Constructors
Megastructure and Building build speed: +25%
Megastructure and Building build cost: -10%

Starts on and allows the construction of a new megastructure, the Extension Node.
Reduces the number of avaliable core sector systems by 2.
Developing colonies on regular planets take ca. 100% longer, but colony ships cost 50% less.
Clearing tile blockers takes 100% longer and costs twice as much.
Machines underperform on regular planets (+50% build cost and build time, +25% upkeep and consumer goods cost).

Extension Node
Cost: 400 E, 400 M, 50 I*
Time: 900 D*
Must be built within borders and cannot be built over colonized planets. CAN be built over habitable planets.
Only three can be built in one system.
A 16 tile** space installation (almost like a habitat, but you can build regular planetary buildings).
It has no deposits but gives +25% resource production to its inhabitants.
Negates the harmful effects the drones suffer on regular planets.

Getting the Synthetic Age or Machine Worlds ascension perk unlocks a technology that unlocks a planetary building. This building can enlarge Extension Nodes to 20 tiles, and once upgraded (the upgrade requires another technology that requires both ascension perks selected) 25.

*Keep in mind that this is reduced by the civic bonuses to 360:360:45:720.
**The empire starts on a 25 tile Extension Node, because colonizing is much more expensive and there are no deposits to rely on at the start of the game. Also, it is coding hell to make it 16 tile without screwing up a ton of things.

The construction animation is smaller and above the planet the megastructure will replace. I don’t want to replace the planet when starting construction (because you can cancel it) and you can’t alter the Z axis of the animation without creating new models cause paradox reasons 😀 This one won’t be solved.