Advanced Ascension

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Author: scroll
Last revision: 22 Apr at 16:33 UTC


Updated to 2.0.*

Increase to 18 slots, corresponding increase 10 Ascension technology.

More Advanced Ascension,need the corresponding original Ascension and another two ascension as a prerequisiteas.

Planet shaping Masters: The terrformed speed increased by +250%, and the cost decreased by -25%. Unlock barren planet transformation technology. Barren planets could be transformed after the study technology.

Technological Singularity: The speed of scientific research is increased by +20, and the output of scientific research resources is +5%. Every 3 years, "Future technology summit" is held, which is equivalent to the 6 months’ research output.

Complete Confidence: Population happiness +5% dissatisfaction -25%. Unlock the Complete Confidence policy. The national trend of thought can be adjusted by changing the policy. 10 years later automatically reverted to default.

Demiurge: Megastructure build speed is increased by +200%, the cost -50%. Megastructure Resource Production +50.

Arms race: Naval capacity +120. Fleet Command Limit +30. Shipbuilding speed +50%. Ships spend -10%, upgrade costs -20%. 1~5 battleships are automatically obtained every ten years.

Enforce Prerogative: The number of municipalities directly under the central government increased by +3, and the colonial development rate was +50%. When the new colonies were established, the population increased by an additional 3 .

Share Brilliance: subsidiary countries merge spending -35%, alien countries surrender acceptance +30, tributary countries tax +50%, vassal state evaluation of you +200.

Harmoniously and Naturally: Also need "mastery of nature" and another two ascension as a prerequisite. Planet clear blocker cost -42%. Planet clear blocker time -75%. Tile food production +100%. Pop growth speed +100%. Unlock all planet habitability technology. Unlock planet edict: Land clearance perfection. It can increases the size of the planet to 25 tile.

Subjugation of Nature: Suitable for mechanical species.Planet clear blocker cost -42%. Planet clear blocker time -75%. Tile energy and minerals production +5%. Buildablepop growth speed +10%. Unlock planet edict: Land clearance perfection. It can increases the size of the planet to 25 tile.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Damage to Endgame Crisis factions:+50% . All resources produced: +50% . Everyone’s opinion increased by +80.
Warning, will trigger the Endgame Crisis !
This Ascension can not be enabled if the game has triggered a crisis.

Efficient Executive:edict duration +100%,cost -35%。

Limitless: Require Transcendent Learning as a prerequisite. Leader skill levels +2,country leader cap +2,leader exp gain+250.Unlocks Planetary Edict: NZT-48. This is a Planetary Edict that lasts for 100 years and increases pop happiness, increases pop research output, decrease governing ethics attraction.
Conflict with synthetic evolution.

It’s compatible with <Plentiful Traditions 2.0> and <Expanded Stellaris Traditions> ~

Поддержка русского языка. <Спасибо  @Elijah  перевод!>


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