ExOverhaul: Leviathans Overhaul

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Author: ExNihil
Last revision: 18 Jan at 14:14 UTC



This mod is being replaced by the new and much larger Combat Overhaul mod, which is now in open beta. You’re invited to check it out here –> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1265527264. Once the beta phase of the new mod will be complete, this mod will be removed from the workshop!

Leviathan Overhaul

This mod overhauls leviathans, making them more powerful and at the same time making the rewards more significant. This mod does not change the spawning chance of leviathans in any way, but it is compatible with other mods that do so.

So what does this mod do?

Stellarite Research Project Improved

-The chances of successfully changing the sun temparature have been increased to 80%.
-If gaia creation is successful, the resulting planet is guaranteed to be very large.
-If gaia creation fails, but the project doesn’t have catastrophic failure (20% chance), the result will be a very large planet.

Automated Dreadnought Overhauled

-Repaired Dreadnought will now always have jumpdrives, regardless of the player’s FTL method – unless he/she has psi-jumpdrives in which case the Dreadnought will have these as well.
-The Dreadnought section template was rebuilt:

  • The disruptors were replaced with Neutron torpedoes.
  • The design was rationalized and improved with Kinetic Artillery.
  • Added an XL Tachyon lance.
  • The Dreadnought HP was increased at base as well as its armor rating.

The result is a very powerful ship that will be significantly more difficult to take down, but once you do you get a very powerful ship.

Technosphere Rewards Tweaked

-Instead of the Sapient A.I. tech, the technosphere now drops Sapient Combat Computers, which is both a tier higher and a rare tech. If you already have it, the technosphere will drop Zero Power – as in vanilla.

Horror Reward Changed and Jumpdrive Weight Rebalanced

-The rewards of the Dimensional Horror research project were changed from giving 50% of the Jumpdrive technology to giving 50% of Extradimensional Weapons – the weapon technology used and dropped by the unbidden.
-To compensate for this, and to make the overall game balance better, I changed the weight of Jumpdrives – pretty much the rarest normal technology in the game – to that of a normal rare technology (change was from a weight of 0.01 to 0.5).

The reasons for this change are two-fold: first, in my opinion Jumpdrives are way too rare for such an integral technology, and the fact that a player can get this directly from the dimensional horror while all other players must either tech it (exceedingly rare) or research it from that player’s debris, seems to me to be rather broken. This is true in SP and doubly so in MP. Second, by the time you get extradimensional weapons their fun factor is greately diminshed, since you already probably have access to lances, KA and other top tier weapons. This way you get to play with them much earlier, and they can and do make an interesting difference.

Important Info

If you’d like to report a bug, request support or participate in the modding process, please use the ExO discord server[discord.gg].

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