Build Upgraded – Direct construction of high tier buildings

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Author: Gratak
Last revision: 7 Dec at 17:32 2017 UTC


updated to 1.9 (no changed required)

Reworked Building Mechanics

Instead of always having to start with the lowest tier and then upgrade them, this mod will allow you to directly construct the highest tier building that is currently available on the planet of each building branch. All other tiers are hidden to keep the building interface as tidy as before.

The costs will be the sum of all upgrade costs you would usually have to do in order to reach this building. Building time is slightly reduced compared to the sum of the upgrade building times.

The mod leaves all vanilla building prices unchanged, except that upgrading from T0 (for example Basic Mines) to T1 is now actually cheaper than directly building T1.

Modding Resource

This mod is created via a python script. It parses the vanilla building files and creates the "Build Upgraded" versions from them. The same can be done with buildings from mods! To enable you to do this using python 3, I have added the python script to this mod (as .txt, since .py wouldn’t upload). An example of this is already available: ExOverhaul – Reworked Buildings and AI

I’ve also created a graphical interface version with a standalone executable that can now be used for this. It is part of our git repository[]


This mod will work with all default Stellaris languages. All added localization files are just links to the according language. The script can additionally add links for any language you desire.


Savegame compatible: Can be added during a game as buildings are only added. If the mod removed during a game, all direct built buildings will probably disappear.
Mod compatibility: Should be compatible with any mod that does not change buildings (or the usage of buildings in triggers). Can be made compatible with basically any mod using the python script.

Matching mod suggestion

For even more comfort with the remaining upgrading: :::Untedious Upgrading::: by Waesche is fully compatible with this mod. Can highly suggest you to use it alongside.