PD Ship Sections

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Author: jonjowett
Last revision: 11 Dec at 19:01 2017 UTC


This micro-mod adds two new stern sections for vanilla cruisers and battleships. (Because, in vanilla, the only way to get point defence on cruisers and battleships is to use hangars, which are rubbish.)

Added ship sections:
— Cruiser Point Defence Stern: 2 point defence, 3 medium utility
— Battleship Point Defence Stern: 4 point defence, 2 large utility, 1 aux utility



Q: Does this mod also add PD ship sections for [some other mod]?
A: No. This mod only adds ship sections to the vanilla battleship and cruiser. If you want PD ship sections in [some other mod], please ask the authors of that mod. I’m sorry, but I’m not prepared to patch & support every ship-size mod that’s out there.

Q: Why is there an extra aux slot for battleships?
A: Yes, the additional aux slot for battleships is a strict upgrade over the other stern sections. Strict upgrades to utilities in exchange for restricting yourself to PD are not unprecedented – eg. the destroyer picket bow. In playtesting, battleships with PD sterns tended to have a lot of excess power (because PD weapons don’t require much), so I felt the need for an additional utility slot – and 2 large + 1 aux felt more balanced than 3 large. As an added bonus, it lets you put your afterburners on the stern where they belong!


Technical info / compatibility:
— No vanilla game files are edited, so this mod should be fully compatible with all other mods.
— The vanilla game contains graphics for stern sections with 2 or 4 small weapons; this mod reuses those graphical assets. I haven’t tested the mod with all of the ship designs, so it’s possible you might get graphical errors.
— Not compatible with the Humanoid DLC (there is no S4 stern model for humanoid battleships, so you’ll probably get an error or a placeholder graphic).

Mods used in the screenshots:
Arc Emitter Miniaturization
All Enigmatic Technologies (Clean)
Advanced Ship Behaviour Modules

All of my mods are available on Github[github.com] (eg. in case you want to revert to an earlier version)

Tested version: 1.8.3

Required DLC: None

Ironman compatible: Yes

Achievement compatible: No