:::Terraforming Candidate Finder Beta:::

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Author: Waesche
Last revision: 8 Nov at 16:00 2017 UTC


This mod is a temporary beta mod. I changed the coloring algorithm and need some brave guys to test this mod. You just have to use the beta instead of the original mod and without the original mod.
Let me know
if any bugs appear while you are switching from the original mod to the beta
(Make sure you have made a backup savegame before switching to the beta;-) )
if colored or non colored names disappear
if something strange happened
if this mod works fine with Guilli’s Planet Modifiers and :::Untedious Upgrading:::

-overhaul of the coloring algorithm
-mod colors system/planets with valuable worlds from Guilli’s Planet Modifiers
-mod colors all candidates and valuable worlds in the same system
-mod changes the name back right after the planet has been terraformed

Original mod:
Terraforming Candidate Finder


updated to 1.8.*

Small mod that checks all surveyed planets for the terraforming candidate every year and changes the name of the planet and the belonging system to blue. There is a menu where you can start the check immediately and remove all blue markers. You can access the menu via the Terraforming Candidate Menu edict.

Systems with multiple terraforming candidates have an additional + for each additional planet. After a blue planet is terraformed its name and the belonging system name will change back to white.

Mod works in multiplayer but will mark all planets surveyed by any player.

Had’s Mod Menu

Had’s Mod Menu supports the menu of Terraforming Candidate Finder (TCF). If you use the mod Mod Menu, the TCF menu edict will be deactivated. You can access the TCF menu via the Mod Menu button in the Gorverment window (F1).

If you don’t find the TCF menu in Mod Menu after two ingame days, use console command "event tcf_d.10". However this should only happen when you stopped using Mod Menu and start using it again.
Use console command "event tcf_d.11" if you stop using Mod Menu. This will reactivate the menu edict.

TCF supports the valuable worlds modifier and colors these planets blue.
Systems with a terraforming candidate and a valuable world have either "(VW)+" or "(TC)+" at the end of the name.