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Author: joseph_anthony_king
Last revision: 13 Jan at 21:52 UTC


I really love the base version of Stellaris but I wanted to implement a few simple tweaks in order to improve the immersive experience of the game, especially as it relates to Earth factions. This mod implements these tweaks.

The Commonwealth of Man has been renamed to the Commonwealth of Aurora and its starting system has been moved to Eta Cassiopeiae. Deneb is currently estimated to be about 2,600 light years from Earth which would put it outside the range established by the Human space feature; as such I’ve moved their starting system to Eta Cassiopeiae. They now start on Aurora which is a double planet system located in Eta Cassiopeiae, the second planet being Tithonus. The Deneb system will still spawn, but it will be an uncolonized system ripe for the taking!

The default government type for the Commonwealth has been changed to a Citizen Stratocracy, I thought it was a better example of a frontier government founded by hardy settlers. The ethics were changed to "civic meritocracy" and "civic citizen service" (think of the Terran Federation as depicted by Robert Heinlein in “Starship Troopers”). Additionally, the Aurorans only settled their new homeworld with one Ark ship a century prior to the start of the game. As such the League starts with simple robots to the work the mines (much like the Spacers in Isaac Asimov’s Robot stories) and a smaller population, the ethics for the Commonwealth have also been changed to ethic_fanatic_materialist and ethic_militarist to enable robots.

One major feature of this mod is my implementation of the "Human Space" feature; this mod uses the framework as implemented in my "Human Space! Part Deux" mod!

This feature works as follows:

If you play as the United Nations of Earth there is a weighted possibility that the Commonwealth of Aurora will spawn in your vicinity. There is also a lesser possibility that the Eta Cassiopeiae system will spawn as an empty system within your vicinity.

If you play as the Commonwealth of Aurora there is a weighted possibility that the United Nations of Earth will spawn in your vicinity. There are also two lesser possibilities that Earth will spawn as an early space age empire or that Earth will be a nuclear wasteland.

I also created a new Earth based faction know as I.C.A.R.U.S., their description is as follows:

NATO led a joint venture with the United Nations to coordinate FTL research and the global defense of Earth following the failure of the Ulysses Initiative and built the Integrated Communications and Research Utility System (I.C.A.R.U.S). I.C.A.R.U.S. came online and its advanced AI started coordinating all research and defense activities within the Sol System. A group of anti-AI dissidents quickly rose in opposition and warfare soon broke out between I.C.A.R.U.S. and the Human race. I.C.A.R.U.S. determined that its survival depended on the annihilation of the Human race culminating in Retribution Day and the ascendency of AI on Earth. Having secured its home I.C.A.R.U.S. now seeks to rid the galaxy of the scourge of biological life and the mental disease it seeks to impose on all creation.

Playing as the Earth Custodianship or as I.C.A.R.U.S. generates the same possibilities as playing as the United Nations of Earth.

If you play as a non-human civilization there is a possibility humans will spawn as a primitive civilization or as the United Nations of Earth.

This mod also includes the star names included in my "This is Alpha Ceti V!" mod. This mod includes a little over 5,000 names. I used a number of franchises, the Greek alphabet, Egyptian, Sumerian and Hindi mythology and an online name generator to generate the list (sorry but I forgot to get the link). Below is a random sampling:

Ceti Alpha (of course)
Delta Eridani
Iota Minor
Rint Beekun
Zeta Iota

It also includes the reclassification of hyperlanes as hyperstreams as included in my "Currents of Space" mod.

Hyperspace Travel (short description): The hyper drive allows ships to temporarily breach the dimensions of hyperspace. Interstellar travel is fast but limited to the pre-existing dark matter hyperstream system upon which the galaxy is built.

Hyperspace Travel: Like bubbles within a foam the galaxy is built around a lattice matrix of dark matter. Stars are distributed across the galaxy and form where three or more such bubbles meet, a consequence of which is the space between two bubbles form ‘seams’ between the stars through which hyperspace can be reach. Faster than light travel is theoretically possible along these hyperstreams.

Hyperstream Breach Points: We have identified the existence of points in space where a ship expends less energy to "breach" their way into a hyperstream. This will lead to a new generation of hyper drives.

Hyperspace Slipstreams: A new generation of hyper drives capable of accessing higher dimensional slipstreams that are present within hyperspace. This leads to dramatically improved drive performance."

Hyperstream Mapping: Although we do not travel through hyperspace, mapping the galaxy’s extensive hyperstream system gives us a clear advantage against those who do.

The "Currents of Space" mod can be downloaded separately from here:

I’ve also created a new galaxy texture that creates a default barred spiral galaxy, even when playing in an elipitical galaxy, this more closely resembles the current measurements of the Milky Way.

In order resolve any possible conflicts I have included the following mods, I want to give a shout out to all the work our modding community has done! The following mods were included:

AI Ship Set – Version 1.3 by Torbori
System Border Scale by skud13
Natural Spiral Galaxies by phidinh6
Better Empire Names by Galle
Real Sol Textures by Alex FRD
Humanity Emblems by ExtraNoise
Civilian Trade by kyojin
Exoplanets by Gogabor
Immersive Galaxy – Nightfall by Dwaine
Immersive Galaxy – Planet Variety, Inhabitable planets by Dwaine
Immersive Galaxy – Planet Variety, Uninhabitable planets by Dwaine

Dwaine’s Immersive Galaxy mod adds a nice touch but this mod also requires the following:

Immersive Galaxy – Planet Variety, Base by Dwaine

This mod uses the galaxy sizes from Sol Unleashed: 800, 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000. Thanks for the work ositodefelpa!

This mod supports Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish, please let me know if you notice any issues with the translations and I will correct them.

Hope everyone enjoys it!


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