The Rick and Morty Overhaul 1.8

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Authors: Abra, Mr. Sneezy 3D, InstantWalrus, phatarsh, InBenTex The Orange
Last revision: 11 Jan at 14:29 UTC



  • Works with version 1.9.*.*
  • 6 custom made empires from Rick and Morty, all with hand drawn portraits(the plan is to add 17+)
  • Custom loading screens and custom menu music
  • Many small graphical changes to make the game feel more like the show
  • Unique empire traits, sound effects and pops (Mr Meeseek)
  • And many other things

Version 1.8

  • Updated the mod to work again. Lots of cleanup and bugfixing to make it work. Credit to Mr. Sneezy 3D
  • Added 2 new races; Earth C137 and Beta-7(requires Utopia dlc if you want a premade Hivemind race, you can still select them for portaits and make your own race) with custom made portraits and flags. Credit to InstantWalrus
  • New environments, tiles and tile blockers. These are still WIP.
  • Loading music works again.
  • Mod is faster to load and smaller in size.

    Version 1.7

    • Updated to work with the new patch/dlc

    Version 1.6

    • Added the Garblovian empire
    • Custom Garblovian species portraits

  • New Races ( Gazorpians, Unity)
  • Custom Traits
  • Special Pops
  • Custom Tile Blockers

If you have any requests, ideas, suggestions and so on post them here or in the Paradox forum thread.

Paradox forum thread:



Mr. Sneezy 3D
Sky Whale
InBenTex The Orange

!Looking for!

  • Animator or anyone with knowledge of Mayas rigging and animation system.
  • 2d artists who can paint in the style of the show.
  • 3d artists who wanna try and make some new models (Rick spaceship, retexture etc.)
  • sound guy, help gather clean sound effects from the show.
  • Writer, someone with good lore knowledge, good writing skills.