(-Mass Effect Theme Pack – Updated-)

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Author: Crusader Vanguard
Last revision: 8 Dec at 17:53 2017 UTC


This is an updated version of the original Mass Effect Theme Pack by VJ (redistributed with permission). A few minor tweaks have been made, but for the most part this mod is simply updated to function with Patch 1.8.3.

Like Team Nessassity and their revival of the Species Pack, I am only acting primarily as a custodian of this project until such a time that VJ returns and wishes to resume its development. I will do what I can to make sure this mod remains playable: patch updates, bugfixes definately, along with some minor tweaks if it feels appropariate, but not major overhauls will be done at this time.

The Mass Effect Theme Pack includes the following features:

» A full blue/red interface, with blue galaxy and a new nebulae design
» A custom and animated Mass Effect menu with red buttons
» A complete overhaul of almost all icons, buttons, and interfaces to be "Mass Effect" blue/red
» Additional Mod Support added for various mods to help support UI overhaul
» 21 Mass Effect loading screens
» 19 Mass Effect soundtracks replacing all Stellaris music
» 40 Mass Effect flags in gold and silver versions
» Asari animated portraits and namelist
» Cerberus animated portraits and namelist
» Alliance animated portraits and namelist
» Turian animated portraits and namelist
» Quarian animated portraits and namelist
» Salarian animated portraits and namelist

Mod Compatibility/Support:


» While originally built for the excellent Dark UI mod, this compatibility patch will allow you to use this mod with Planetary Diversity or Reworked Planetary Diversity.
» While an excellent mod, the Color Coded Pop Status Icons Mod IS NOT needed for this UI overhaul, nor will it work, as this mod overwrites the same file to make the same icons match the Mass Effect color palette.


» Ethic & Government Rebuild, Ethics, Civics & Traditions Rebuild, & Ethics & Civics Rebuild
» Additional Traditions
» Expanded Traditions
» Plentiful Traditions
» Additional Traits
» Extended Traits
» Svafa’s Expanded Species Traits
» United Traits

  • General improvements and tweaks to make this look as "Mass Effect" as I can.
  • Add support for popular mods that need recoloring to match mod color palette, to include: traditions, authorities, civics, traits, etc.
  • Make a proper 1080p Overhaul Compatibility Patch (hopefully with Dr. Maple’s assistance) like the Dark UI mod.

  • This mod has parentheses around its name because it is needed to load higher in the load order than certain supported mods so that the icons from this mod will overwrite the "vanilla" version of the icons in each respective mod. This technique is to used sparingly and when deemed absolutely necessary, as only mods that truly need to overwrite other mod’s assets (like compatibility patches) should use this technique.
  • VJ’s "To-Do List" is on hold, as I do not possess the skills needed to properly make most of what she listed. For those things I do know how to code/make, I do not know or understand VJ’s original vision for this mod, and I do not want to disrespect her work. Therefore, any work on this mod will be small and minimal until such time that VJ returns.
  • I am going to maintain this mod to the best of my abilities, minor tweaks/additionals not withstanding, along with VJ’s Blue UI mod standalone since that submod is included in this Theme Pack and updating it is a simple copy/paste job. Outside of this, there is the Species Pack which is being maintained by Team Nessassity, and we will support each other in that area. The Music mod (except for certain minor errors) still works with the current game version, and while I will maintain it here, I don’t know that coding as well as the UI, so I won’t be maintaining that standalone.
  • This mod is the full package, and below under "standalone" will be links to working submods, with all but the music standalone being maintained by myself or Team Nessassity.
  • For those of you using this mod with NSC: You shouldn’t need to remove the NSC loading screens in order to get this mod’s loading screens to appear. Due to the name change for this mod with the full UI update (see top note above), this mod loads before NSC, making this mod’s loading screens the priority.

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A special thank you to ButtJunkie for helping me discover and alter some of the harder-to-find areas of the UI and allow me to use his excellent "Alternative Icons" mod as a resource to speed up the process of making the new colored ethics, civics, and trait icons.

Original Credits: