Syncretic Plus

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Author: Neil deAlex Weasel
Last revision: 23 May at 00:22 UTC


For 2.1.X
Welcome to Syncretic Plus! Syncretic Plus seeks to expand upon Syncretic Evolution by adding 6 new, interesting civics.


Livestock Ranchers – Start with 2 pops of a species that has the delicious trait. For organic, non-hivemind xenophobe empires.

Livestock Hive-Growers – Start with 2 pops a species that has the delicious trait. For hivemind empires.

Syncretic Scientists – Start with 2 pops a species that are hyperintelligent and weak. Meant to be a polar opposite to the vanilla Syncretic Evolution, providing the player with basically lab-slaves. For organic, non-hivemind empires.

Syncretic Equals – Start with 4 pops with no default traits, meant for you to be creative with! For organic, non-hivemind empires.

Worshippers of Sentience – Start with 1 pop of a species with huge unity buffs but practically unable to do any other work(This is because the species is treated as gods on earth by the main species). Requires spiritualist ethics. For organic, non-hivemind empires.

Extant Creators – As a robot empire, start with 3 pops of an organic species and no limitations gameplay-wise. Warning, pops at the start of the game will be auto purged, make sure to change their citizenship standards! For machine empires.

Note: All of these require either Utopia or Synthetic Dawn. Hope you enjoy this mod!