Victoria 3

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Author: Ofaloaf
Last revision: 17 Aug at 12:34 UTC


This mod changes many superficial aspects of the game to create a more old-fashioned-esque setting. No mechanics have been changed, no events added, nothing like that. All that’s changed is the way the game’s presented, plus a few extra species.

  • The start date has been moved to 1836.
  • New flag icons and backgrounds have been added. Vanilla flag icons have been disabled but haven’t been actually removed, so if you made a civ in an unmodded game before firing this then its flag should show up just fine.
  • All rooms have been replaced with old-fashioned-ish equivalents.
  • Some resource icons have been replaced with old-fashioned-ish equivalents.
  • Many sound effects have been replaced with less futuristic equivalents. Listen to the new ambient sounds of a fleet!
  • The soundtrack has been replaced with a more old-fashioned soundtrack.
  • Vanilla clothes for all species, except for plantoids, have been replaced with less futuristic equivalents.
  • All species classes have new pregenerated species names.
  • New namelists have been packed in from previous mods, with other namesets made specifically for this mod also added in:
  • Empires have a new empire naming system. Say hello to that spiritualist republic nearby, the Iron Authority of the Srbvati!
  • Nearly all event pictures have been replaced with more old-fashioned equivalents. Equivalent-ish.
  • The new Roman nameset introduced in the Cherryh/Apocalypse patch has basically been replaced with a Roman nameset I’d already made.
  • 1863 new star names have been added, just for the heck of it.
  • Prescripted countries have been replaced with new creations more in line with the spirit of the mod.
  • Fonts have been changed.

Recommended additional mods

Other mods really work well with this thing, such as

  • AlphaAsh’s CityScapes offers some additional old fashioned-looking cityscapes for you to play around with.
Planned future work:
  • Mod compatibility. Literally haven’t tested it with anything else aside from the above 3 mods and an extended colors mod.
  • More human, uh, ‘species’.
  • Additional Victorian building designs for the planet tiles.
  • Old-timey tech research icons.
  • More flag elements???

August 17 2018:

  • Added a Dutch nameset.
  • Redid the potential German species names, and included a few sets that now use the Dutch nameset for their characters.
  • Added additional sfx.
  • Added additional gfx, including loading screen and event images.
  • Added a couple new flag elements, including both backgrounds and icons.


  • Added a Russian portrait set and Russian nameset.
  • Added an Iroquois portrait set and Iroquois nameset.