(–ExOverhaul: Armies–)

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Author: ExNihil
Last revision: 13 Oct at 19:25 UTC


This mod overhauls vanilla armies and attachments.

What does this mod do?

  • It completely overhauls all the vanilla armies and attachments, changing their stats and prices.
  • It adds new units: an advanced and superior assault/defense army units for the mid and late game. An extra machine unit. A synth commando unit that is up to par with psi-/gene-warrior armies, and an advanced slave army.
  • It overhauls the army related technologies.
  • It fixes multiple issues with the vanilla army files (e.g. egalitarians being able to build slave armies on a world with slave processing facility).

For a full list of changes see the changelog (pinned below.)

Hope you enjoy. Please let me know if there are any issues or requests.

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