ExOverhaul: 1.9.* Tweaks

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Author: ExNihil
Last revision: 24 Jan at 10:40 UTC


This is a small and simple mod in which I tweak defines, initializers and other stuff. I will add more stuff to this mod with time and as I see fit, so keep updated. Although I see this mod as synergizing with my other mods, none of them are required and this mod is completely independent – like all my mods.

What this mod does?

  • It changes resettlement costs from 50 influence to 100 energy, 100 unity and 20 influence.
  • It changes the base costs of species modification to be much cheaper. The base cost of genemodding was changed from 5000 to 1000 and the per pop multiplier was reduced. To compensate a bit, the base cost of climate preference change was increased from 3 to 5.
  • The maximum number of traits was increased to 6 for regular biological species (was 5), 5 for machine species (was 4) and 4 for robots (was 3). Number of starting trait points for machine empires was increased to 2.
  • The cost of robomodding was halved and the per pop multiplier was reduced from 50 to 20, making robomodding much cheaper and more viable earlier.
  • The base values of armor were changed to be less effective, while the impact of ship size on the total amount of armor was increased. You therefore need more armor components to reach higher armor ratings, making armor a bit less of a no-brainer and improving the overall worth of shields (both in vanilla and in any existing mods).
  • The unrest removal effect of armies was reduced from -10 unrest per army to -5 unrest per army. The intention here is to make unrest a bit more difficult to manage, and therefore make unrest mitigating perks more important. Currently, unrest is really easy to resolve in vanilla and all the unrest reducing perks (e.g. police state or the vanilla spiritualist ethic perk) are almost completely useless.
  • Number of maximum armies per planetary tile was increased from 1 to 4, meaning you can have up to 100 defensive armies on a size 25 planet. The intention here is to make invasions a bit less of a ridiculous affair. This change will synergize well with any mod that makes defensive armies better, or mods that increase fortifications like my building mod.
  • Solar system intializers have been tweaked so all empires spawn on sizes 20-25 homeworlds, rather than sizes 16-20 homeworlds – which I always found depressive. In the prescripted start systems- Earth is set at size 21, mars at size 16 and unity at 23.

No vanilla files are overwritten and this mod is therefore 100% compatible with everything else out there. If you have any special requests feel free to post ’em in the comments – if I like it, I will add it.

Compatibility Patches

Comp. mod for Lex Peregrine’s Real Space New Worlds, by Lex Peregrine (thnx m8!).
Comp. mod for Lex Peregrine’s StarTrek New Worlds, by Lex Peregrine

Important Info

If you’d like to report a bug, request support or participate in the modding process, please use the ExO discord server[discord.gg].

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