(–ExOverhaul: Traits and Leaders–)

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Authors: ExNihil, GrueZilla, Gratak, Phil Rezanow
Last revision: 7 Dec at 20:24 UTC


This mod overhauls the vanilla species and leader traits, changing their bonuses, costs, and at times renaming and reconceptualizing them. It also adds: 1 new cybernetic trait that is unlocked through tech for organic empires (including hive-minds), 1 new robotic trait, and 3 new leader traits. Finally, it seriously improves psionic ascension by improving its respective traits.

To understand in depth what this mod does read —> the CHANGELOG.

Although this is a standalone mod, like all of my mods, I highly recomment running it alongside my 1.8.* Tweaks, which increases the base number of traits and the total number of traits while rebalancing the costs of species/machine modification. I also recommend running it alongside my Machines and Robots mod, which further reworks Machine and Robot traits.

This mod is savegame compatible. It works in all 1.8.* version of the game. It is compatible with all mods that do not overwrite the vanilla trait files. It is compatible with Extended Traits, but is incompatible with such mods as Additional Traits and Xenology Traits, since these overwrite the vanilla files when adding new materials.

Important Info

The ExOverhaul series of mods is a collaborative community oriented modding project, aimed at offering high level mods that enhance and improve the vanilla game experience, AI performance and design paradigm.

If you’d like to report a bug, request support or participate in the modding process, please use our discord server[discord.gg].

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