Auto Upgrade Buildings

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Author: Sayle
Last revision: 6 Jul at 10:14 UTC


Updated to 2.1

With Cherryh patch and changes, edicts are no longer toggle-able. As a result, the auto-upgrade edicts now last for 10 years by default, which can be modified by your +duration bonuses.


This mod WILL:
Upgrade buildings automatically when you get the appropriate tech.
Only upgrade buildings if you have over a set amount of minerals.
Only upgrade buildings that POPs are using.
Recheck planets every six months for new upgrades.
Work in sectors.
Work in multiplayer.

This mod WILL NOT:
Place buildings for you.
Decide what kind of science building you want.

To use this mod, you must:

1. Activate the ‘Auto Upgrade Buildings’ edict.
2. Activate a mineral threshold edict.

The choices are 5000, 2500, and 1000 minerals. If you exceed that point your buildings will start upgrading within about six months, taking from your mineral resources. Buildings only upgrade if a POP is using the building. Buildings will only upgrade if you have the technology. Building availability for upgrade is rechecked with a mean time to happen of six months, when a new POP finishes growing, and when you upgrade a building yourself.

If you build basic science labs, you’ll need to upgrade to engineering/physics/biolab before it starts upgrading.

Multiplayer compatible (assuming everyone has the mod).

Compatible with Star Trek: New Horizons.